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Thousands of health? Not a problem

Commander / EDH Counters Hydra Lands RG (Gruul)



Thoughts on how to improve this or decrease the Costst?

The idea of this deck is to gain a lot of mana early on to play stronger hydras, Increase the amount of counters on creatures, and play more powerful spells and hydras after every attack.

Combo: Step 1: play Branching Evolution + Unbound Flourishing . Then, play Apocalypse Hydra for at least 5 X. The value will double from unbound flourishing, again with branching evolution, and again from apocalypse hydra.

Step 2: Attack with Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient and apocalypse hydra before playing anything. Then play a hydra or spell that costs X, and you will automatically get X as apocalypse and Klauth's power without spending any mana. When you play the card, X will double or the card will be coppied, and the counters will double if it is a creature. X will be a greater value every turn that you play a creature this way.

For this combo, either enchantment will work and any creature will work. This is only the ideal set up.


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I have been testing this deck out, and it is more powerful than I thought. Creatures with thousands of power are really common while playing this. I have changed a few cards, but I am still looking for ways to make this deck get powerful sooner.


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