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Those who Hunt Elves (Retired) (EDH)

Commander / EDH Aggro Casual Elves GW (Selesnya) Tokens Tribal


This deck has ended up being forgotten/seldom played at the table, I decided to give it a bit more attention and I've noticed that it can't figure out exactly what it wants to do. Elves, or Tokens? The initial plan was both but the deck just plays so slowly and runs out of steam too easily.

New plan, ETA unknown: This deck will be split down the middle and turned into 2 decks. This decklist will become the proper elf tribal deck lead by Kethis, the Hidden Hand which has the benefit of giving us another color to weave in. The second deck will be a token deck focused on optimization, though I haven't yet decided if it will remain Selesnya with Rhys as the commander or if I'll turn it into a Naya deck lead by card:Atala Palani, Nest Tender to populate/sacrifice tons of green eggs.

I'll keep the old decklist up in the meantime as the deck hasn't been physically disassembled yet anyway.


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