Mono Blue Artifact Token Shenanigans

Win Cons: Aetherflux Reservoir: boop a player. It is very easy to storm off in the deck the turn AR comes out. Psychosis Crawler: ping everybody down. Altar of the Brood: mill them out (surprisingly realistic when played out before turn 5) or the classic approach: Thopter boppin’ token beatdown!

The deck is designed to cantrip multiple times a turn and pump out tokens as a defense while digging for draw engines to make more tokens and swarm your opponents. It isn’t designed for infinite combo (my circle doesn’t play with infinite combos) It’s just for “good stuff” value, playing early ramp with mana rocks and setting up repeatable draw effects. The deck can function without Sai, but does help to have him to get started. You can pump out tokens to use as defense, sac fodder, or thopter bop your opponents. It is very easy to have a well established board state on turn 3 or 4. I’ve managed to close a few games out as soon as Turns 5-7. Not cEDH, but still competitive.


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