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Suicide and Modern 2.0 (Glint Cruel Control)

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So yeah. Four color Cruel Control. This... should be interesting.

Cruel Ultimatum is a fantastic card. I mean, you get an Ancestral Recall, gain some life, and get back a finisher while your opponent sacrifices a creature (if he has any left, that it), discards his hand, and loses some life! How can you not love that?? Unfortunately, the Ultimatum also costs a heckload... So to survive the early game and provide a lot of pressure, this cruel control deck uses green for its removal and creatures. Tarmogoyf , Tasigur, the Golden Fang, and Scavenging Ooze all provide pressure early to middle game. Snapcaster Mage gets back all those spells we used up, while providing a 2/1 body that can win games (and trust me, it's happened). Cruel Ultimatum is the coup-de-grace, a game-winning spell that permanently cripples the opponent while giving us unsurmountable advantages. This deck can either aim to control the board, or play more of a midrange/tempo game by use of fatties. So enjoy the four color craziness we have here!!!

There is always a greater power.


Updates Add

Alright, so some major, major changes coming in here. Here they are:


1x Kolaghan's Command: There wasn't an huge driving force to kick this out, but it was a pretty situational card and a bad topdeck, so I decided to take it down to one copy.

1x Lightning Bolt: Needed more space, and it was, again, a bad topdeck against an opposing goyf or other biggey.

1x Maelstrom Pulse: This was a hard decision to take, but I figured that with the new changes, it would be less used. We'll see how that goes.

1x Murderous Cut: Really could've been better. It also made my Goyfs smaller and my Snapps less useful.

1x Obstinate Baloth: Lacking in power, really. It lost against the most common Goyfs, and the discard effect was only good against Lili.


1x Cryptic Command: Alright, call me crazy for playing both Cryptic Command and Cruel Ultimatum in a four color deck, but the fact remains that the Command is incredible. The draw power was especially what I was going for here, and the hard counter helps against stuff like Collected Company and other annoying things.

2x Mana Leak: Gets everything early game really, without exceptions. It's only a two-of because it's a bad draw late-game, but it remains a hit-all counter.

1x Spell Snare: Hits around 50% of the stuff in Modern, so it was an auto-include.

1x Jace, Architect of Thought: The more I've been testing this guy, the more I like him. He provides immediate card advantage. He single-handedly deals a serious blow to Twin and knocks down attackers so I can slowly recover after a heavy blow. His ult, if ever achieved, is a free Cruel Ultimatum and my opponent's best card. Not sure how you can no to that.

The mana base was also changed to help this list a bit more.

Possible changes

I'm thinking about replacing Tasigur, the Golden Fang. I'm however hesitating between a couple cards, most notably Verdilion Clique and Thragtusk. The original Suicide and Modern can be found here.

Also, discussion being reset.

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