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Werewolves have been a troubled tribe in Commander. They have never had a Commander that has ever been worth playing and the old werewolf flip mechanic is horrible in EDH. The new Daybound/Nightbound mechanic is WOTC way of fixing werewolves. I'll admit it is a huge improvement over the old mechanic. It means new werewolves will transform more reliably, especially as the newer cards by default enter transformed when it is night.

Tovolar, Dire Overlord   has those magical words, “draw a card”. Dealing combat damage with a Wolf or Werewolf is a fairly easy goal. The ability triggers anytime you deal combat damage. It has no limits like “once per combat” or “once per opponent”. He also has this text on his werewolf side, ensuring you’ll always draw cards.

Tovolar has at the beginning of your upkeep, it becomes night if you control three or more Werewolves. Then, you can transform any number of Human Werewolves you control. That last part might seem redundant, given that the new Werewolves transform when it becomes night, but it really isn’t. Since WOTC has not and probably will not errata the old werewolves, Tovolar can transform the older Werewolf cards that care about spells cast by any player.

There's also more value from Tovolar’s transformed side. Once Tovolar is transformed, he has an activated ability that is basically Kessig Wolf Run.

Key Pieces

Unnatural Moonrise and Moonmist can't transform your whole board due to the complications with old vs new werewolves but they’re still great instant tricks to have. So i've added both just in case.

The Celestus is really the key to the deck. Tovolar's ability to help us draw cards will make it easier to draw into but having a tutor to get it out isn't a bad idea. Moonsilver Key can tutor for an artifact with a mana ability so it can also also grab Cursed Mirror and The Great Henge.

Mana Flow

Farseek, Nature's Lore and Three Visits make the cut as far as traditional mana ramp goes. Druids' Repository is an 1GG Enchantment that gets charge counters you can use for one mana of any color. And you get you get those whenever a creature you control attacks. Since that's what we're going to be doing it fits nicely in the deck. Once more the ability triggers anytime "a" creature attacks, so it has no limits. Cryptolith Rite was added since the deck is creature heavy.

Card Draw

Besides Tovolar's ability we have the usual cards for tribal decks. Vanquisher's Banner and Guardian Project

Planeswalkers, Flash and Haste

Two things I want to make my Werewolves better are Flash and Haste. Flash allows me to cast my creatures when it is convenient for me. Haste allows me to attack fast and reap the benefits of Tovolar's draw ability. I've added some great Planeswalkers to help us achieve this. Vivien, Champion of the Wilds and Arlinn Kord   are the two favorites. The newest Planeswalker from Midnight Hunt, Arlinn, the Pack's Hope   rounds out our Planeswalker package.

Rhythm of the Wild falls into the haste category also but it does much more. Keeping that pesky blue player in line and giving you the option to pump your creatures. Some of our werewolves just come with haste. Geier Reach Bandit  , Reckless Stormseeker   and Village Watch   all pull their weight for the tribe while being able to swing on cast.

Protecting Tovolar

Tovolar is our main source of card draw and our main source for keeping our werewolves flipped. Anara, Wolvid Familiar keeps Tovolar alive with indestructible. I'm also including some other instant interaction in the form of Bolt Bend and Heroic Intervention. Pyroblast also helps in various ways. If our opponents have blockers up I have added Access Tunnel and Rogue's Passage to ensure Tovolar hits home.

How to Win

The deck relies on getting a wide board and using extra combat steps to win the game. That means tokens as well as your regular creatures.

Token Generators

Master of the Wild Hunt nets you a 2/2 Wolf token on your upkeep. But his second ability is great removal. Kind of like calling all your wolves to slaughter a creature. Nightpack Ambusher pumps all your wolves and werewolves. He also can net you a 2/2 Wolf token at your end step if you choose not to cast any spells. Tovolar's Huntmaster   has a ETB effect that nets you two 2/2 Wolf Tokens. Once he flips he also has a better ETB and attack effect that nets you two more 2/2 Wolf tokens. Huntmaster of the Fells   nets you a 2/2 Wolf token on ETB but also unlike some other werewolves his card states that he nets you a 2/2 token whenever he transforms back into Huntmaster of the Fells.

Extra Combat

Key extra combat enablers are Aggravated Assault, Relentless Assault and World at War. Added enchantments to help with this process are Nature's Will to ensure you have mana during and after your second combat phase. Berserkers' Onslaught to give attacking creatures double trike. And Unnatural Growth for doubling your creatures power and defense.

Now there are many card in this deck that I have not mentioned. And there are many cards that did not make the cut. This deck can be built so many ways. Any suggestions are welcome.

Honorable Mention

Silverfur Partisan did not make the cut of this deck simply because I did not focus on targeting my wolves or werewolves with instant or sorcery spells. That's not to say he wouldn't fit in the deck.


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