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There's a BOLO on Volo (Simic Smogashbord)

Commander / EDH Casual Goodstuff GU (Simic) Midrange Tokens



"Do not fear! Volo is here to bend you ear, so sit on your rear and grand tales you shall hear!"

This deck is a fun anti-tribal creature beat-down centered around Simic value. Most of the creatures are chosen to avoid type overlap, although some strong choices were given exceptions. Main idea is to get Volo out (preferably with some protection in the form of a counter or hexproof provider) and start generating enough value with tokens to overwhelm the board and your opponents.

Creatures include many strong ETB effects to copy, such as Terastodon, Avenger of Zendikar and Mulldrifter. Mana dorks to fill out your supporting rolls and other heavy hitters round out your army and swing in for big damage. Decent selection of spells to help protect your commander or your board. Enhancers such as Panharmonicon and Twinning Staff are there to abuse Volo's copies even further, allowing for some crazy bursts of cards and effects in a turn. Finish up the list with some card draw and ramp, and your ready to spin an epic yarn!

Any comments, constructive criticism or card suggestions are appreciated! Definitely has room to increase efficiency.


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