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Standard GW (Selesnya)


Most decks focus on putting creatures onto the battlefield. This deck, however, focuses on quick removal, only for the creatures to be brought back moments later.

The deck itself revolves around doing exactly this with Timberland Guide. while not a heavy hitter in itself, it provides your creatures with a little extra umph, in the form of a +1/+1 counter. This is especially effective with Wandering Wolf, who while cheap and weak can be pumped up to a heavy hitter, or the bigger Howlgeist who packs twice as much punch, though at three times the cost. Both are worth it, however, by making up for it with not only becoming unblockable to any creature with less power than them, but in the case of Howlgeist, also packs in the handy 'Undying' ability.

The same focus of temporary removal with Goldnight Redeemer, who allows you to gain 2 life for every other creature you control at the time. Soul of the Harvest also allows you to draw a card for every non-token creature that enters the battlefield under your control.

The main removal cards are Cloudshift, which itself is incredibly handy in preventing the destruction of your creatures and temporarily removing them to activate their abilities, and Conjurer's Closet, which allows you to remove a creature of your choice at the end step, and return it to play, thus activating any ability it may possess.

Cards like Primal Surge can be used to put out a large number of permanents (creatures included) in one move, while the miracle cards like Blessings of Nature and Revenge of the Hunted can become cheap, effective ways of powering your other creatures.

Any thoughts? Please comment and/or score me if you think the design has merit.


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