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King David the Shepherd [mono-white devotion]

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David begins as a mere shepherd boy, helping Jesse, his father, till the land for Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Springjack Pasture , and Westvale Abbey  with Weathered Wayfarer .

Once he has fell Goliath with On Thin Ice , David soaks up the adulation of Israel as the Charming Prince , scheming his battle plans for days ahead. He sends his newly acquired subject, Knight of the White Orchid to continue his old duties for his father.

With God's favor in Ephemerate , Honor of the Pure , Flickerwisp , and Skyclave Apparition ; and Benalish Marshal prowess in battle, David haunts his enemies into submission.

However, it is David's humble beginnings as a Springjack Shepherd that bring Israel true renown throughout the ancient world. Who knew goats were so battle-hardened?

But alas, Israel's idolatry with Daxos, Blessed by the Sun and goat sacrifice to Ba'al unleashes hells fury upon the land in Ormendahl, Profane Prince , demolishing all that stands in its way.

End scene.

Thanks for the attention and please consider upvoting! Any card recommendations to push this deck further are welcome as I am relatively new to mono-white in modern.


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