Najeela midrange CEDH combo. This deck looks to win by creating loads of warriors with Najeela's ability and generate WUBRG to fuel it over and over for infinite warriors and combat steps. Utilizing cards like Grim Hireling and Derevi, to generate extra mana and treasure tokens with Najeela this deck goes infinite quickly to destroy all opponents by continuing to untap permanents to fuel our commander's ability. Nature's will with one hit on an opponent can allow us to untap all our lands, begin another combat AND tap our opponent's lands lessening their opportunities for interaction. Best of all, if hitting multiple opponents this effect can be stacked as triggers resolve to allow us to untap and tap our lands to supply the needed mana for next combats. Reconnaissance is an interesting card in Najeela allowing us to benefit from her attack trigger without losing her or the warriors she creates. We can at instant speed remove our creatures from combat keeping them from being destroyed and still receive the bonus warriors from the trigger. We can then initiate extra combats if we have the mana until we can get enough warriors in to fuel one of the combo lines. In this ultra creature heavy meta, getting attackers through can be challenging; this trick allows us to build up enough presence to get damage through to fuel one of the many combo pieces.

I run the cedh up all star win con of Thassa's Oracle and Demonic Consultation as it works well in this deck as well with lots of card draw, interaction, and tutor spells. Demonic consultation also works with many of our win cons as we only need one to pair with Najeela to find a combo piece. The deck contains a lot of interaction, counters, and a light stax package to give us time to build our mana base and set up the win.

With extensive play testing in an adnaus and heavy creature meta I've tried to add as much interactive pieces and bounce spells to help warriors get damage through and remove problem creatures from slowing our game plan down. I appreciate any and all comments and suggestions and thanks for checking out my deck!


12/2/23: I've tested, played, and tried to it's fullest the AD naus, breach, and other turbo versions of this deck and I can confidently say, this isn't it for this deck. It just can't have the explosive power, card draw, and low to the ground effect that a turbo grixis or card draw commander can provide. Additionally, the breach package in this deck while effective, takes away much of what makes Najeela great! Her ability to win through extra combats with simple one or two card combos and win the game. To that end, I've removed all of that from my deck to double down on Najeela and beat down combat strategy while attempting to play a more midrange game and win from there.


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