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This deck is inspired by the 1979 album "The Wall" and the 1982 movie of the same name, the main idea is for the cards to represent certain aspects of Pink . The deck is built around a strong pillow fort only to randomly explode into fits of violence only to end up isolating itself even further just like Pink does. Once a certain point is reached it will come to a climactic conclusion with The Judge , coming to a judgement to tear down the wall... where it will come to a peaceful conclusion . Or you can begin the insanity anew with Reminisce . going from "Outside the Wall" back to "In the Flesh?" and starting the cycle again. hence the repeatability of this deck and its thematic sense.


the reason I chose Ertai as the commander is because very much like Pink, Ertai does not see he has been corrupted by power. Esper is also the colour combination I imagined this best with, the idea of reality being distorted, cold logic which leads to perceived insanity are all aspects of "The Wall"

Disc One

Track One- In the Flesh?- Bitterblossom

Track Two- The Thin Ice- Dark Depths

Track Three- Another Brick in the Wall, Part I- Wall of Denial

Track Four- The Happiest Days of Our Lives- Wall of Glare

Track Five- Another Brick in the Wall, Part II- Cruel Tutor or Maw of the Obzedat

Track Six- Mother- Mother of Runes , Mother of Goons (or Condescend if your group doesn't play Un-cards) and Sphere of Safety

Track Seven- Goodbye Blue Sky- Ratchet Bomb

Track Eight- Empty Spaces- Wall of Deceit

Track Nine- Young Lust- Vampire Hexmage

Track Ten- One of my Turns- Time Warp

Track Eleven- Don't Leave me Now- Silent Departure

Track Twelve- Another Brick in the Wall, Part III- Glyph of Doom , Glyph of Delusion , Ghostly Prison

Track Thirteen- Goodbye Cruel World- Cruel Edict

Disc Two

Track Fourteen- Hey You- Jeskai Barricade and Braingeyser

Track Fifteen- Is There Anybody Out There- Isolation Cell

Track Sixteen- Nobody Home- Second Sight , Norn's Annex

Track Seventeen- Vera- Angelic Chorus

Track Eighteen- Bring the Boys Back Home- Endless Ranks of the Dead

Track Nineteen- Comfortably Numb- Fevered Convulsions , Numbing Dose and Serum Visions

Track Twenty- The Show Must Go On- Thespian's Stage

Track Twenty-One- In The Flesh- Invoke Prejudice , Increasing Devotion and Blind Obedience Anointed Procession

Track Twenty-Two- Run Like Hell- Loxodon Warhammer , Hammer of Nazahn

Track Twenty-Three- Waiting for the Worms- Wurmcoil Engine , recommended to crack Marit lage at this point. go crazy, ramp up the invoke prejudice. "turn on the showers and fire the ovens"

Track Twenty-Four- Stop- Time Stop and Flusterstorm

Track Twenty-Five- The Trial- Trial / Error , Soulsworn Jury , Pit Scorpion , Isperia, Supreme Judge , and Day of Judgment

Track Twenty Six- Outside the Wall- Rolling Stones , Rest in Peace and Divine Intervention

The win condition is simple here- you can either continue Pink's total meltdown of logic, reason and sanity to clear the field of all opposition with the worms (symbolising the decay in sanity), zombies (representing his followers), or you can realise you are going insane and put yourself before the Judge of your inner psyche and determine how you can save yourself from further insanity, then to find yourself guilty and coming to an explosive but peaceful resolution.

Anyways, this is probably the pinnacle of thematic decks that I could possibly create, the finest I can craft with the sole purpose of fitting the theme to the point where even the stingiest Vorthos people would spasm at how thematic it is. If you like this deck, be sure to upvote it.


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