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The Ur-Dragon, quest for 100%

Commander / EDH* Dragons Flying


I'm trying to build my ur-dragon deck to be as competitive as possible. I usually have to play against decks that go infinite quitte early so the most important thing is speed, which I think I have achieved. I think the next part is going to be to put some tax pieces in, if you have any thoughts about cards that could help me with speed or tax let me know

P.S. This is my irl deck and I don't have unlimited money so I can't get true duals yet

PSS Still working on the text pannels I want them done by Tuesday

The general strategy of this deck is to ramp early to get the The Ur-Dragon out as quick as possible and put crazy cards down with his ability.

I have choosen to not go dragon tribal as there are some cards like Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur that can almost solo win games.

For my ramp I have chosen to keep all my non creature ramp to be 2 or less mana, I have done this because I want to play creatures as soon as possible, because of this I have to play loads of artifacts even though I have access to green. For my Color tapping Artifacts I have, Arcane Signet, Chrome Mox and Fellwar Stone For my colorless tapping artifacts I have Mana Vault, Mana Crypt and Sol Ring All these artifacts with my land ramp give me enough ramp cards for the early game.

I have one more artifact that taps for mana which is The Great Henge but I use that more for the draw, the hp and the card draw. The mana it produces is just nice to have as well as you can cast it mana neutral when you have a big dragon out.

For land ramp I only play a few cards. Farseek, Nature's Lore and Three Visits. I'm not playing cards like Cultivate, Kodama's Reach and Skyshroud Claim as they are just a tad to slow. If you are playing in a slow meta definently play these cards as they are super strong. I'm also not playing Rampant Growth as I'd rather search for a non basic land with Farseek as they both make the land enter tapped.

My creatures are allowed to cost a bit more as their effects are just incredible and too good to not use.

Dockside Extortionist This card rarely doesn't give you value, I have seen games where this guy gives 6 treasure tokens on turn 2. Its a crazy card early and late game so I just have to play it.

Beledros Witherbloom has a huge ability to be able to untap all my lands, and the extra blockers and hp that they give are something you can't be mad about.

Morophon, the Boundless is not really ramp and more cost reduction but I think it fits here best. It makes a lot of my dragons a lot cheaper and helps you get The Ur-Dragon out the turn after you play it. As Morophon is a shapeshifter she also gets her cost reduced by the ur-dragon's ability.

Old Gnawbone synergizes so well with this deck as your win condition is to kill your opponents with creature damage. It gives so many treasure tokens its just to dumb to explain

Ramos, Dragon Engine Just 10 free mana as you are doing what you want to do, cast spells

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds some card draw as you will most of the times be casting the highest power, and because we have a lot of high power creatures the card is so good for us as it provides a lot of mana

And for my lonely enchantment I have Mirari's Wake doubling you mana from lands is really strong as you are allowed to play more creatures. And giving your creatures +1/+1 is not something you can forget as you now can 2 shot people with The Ur-Dragon

As for my draw cards I have chosen to play draw effect that will let me draw as turns end, I'm not playing any cards that draw me a lot of cards once

The following draw/ card selection cards have a lot of synergy with the huge amount of shuffle effects I play

Sylvan Library It draws you a lot of cards but costs some hp, which I don't really care about as I don't face a lot of creature decks

Mirri's Guile To be able to see the top 3 cards and rearrange them is huge as you can always choose a good card to play. Its not really draw but being able to have a choice is so nice in a singleton format

Scroll Rack Being able to exile a lot of cards that aren't that good in the current situation and drawing a lot of new ones is good. This card also protects some of your cards if you are getting wheeled. Again its not really draw but with the shuffle options its getting close to be draw

Brainstorm again not really draw but it works so good with the shuffle effects

Now for the just draw cards

The Ur-Dragon I will always play 20 other dragons so when this guy is out there should always be a few dragons on the field giving me value

Rhystic Study Just some passive draw that will give you a lot of cards

Necropotence Probably the best draw card in magic, get this card down on t3 and spend 20-30 life for a lot of cards

Mystic Remora Again a strong draw card, most of the times you will pay for the upkeep cost twice

The Great Henge Late game this card would cost only 2 green and its draw, +1+1 for your creatures and it gains some life. Its a good card

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds As I'm playing dragons I'm usually the person with the highest power creatures so this card gives me some extra draw

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur Free 7 cards at your endstep and your opponents max hand get reduced by 7? Sign me up

Consecrated Sphinx This card will get shot fast but if it's not getting shot it draws you so many cards

~~work in progress

With cheating I'm talking about putting permanents down on the battle field without paying their cast cost

Ofcourse The Ur-Dragon has a huge triggered ability that can cheat a permanent each combat if one or more dragons attack, with this trigger I usually try to put down some of the more impactful cards down. ~~write list of those cards still

Hellkite Courser This card can cheat a permanent down and draw at least one extra cards as you are allowed to put down The Ur-Dragon in to play with haste which is great as Hellkite Courser only costs 3 and 2 red which you can get out on turn 2 if you are lucky (turn one mountain in to mana vault, turn 2 mountain and cast).

Strionic Resonator this card can copy The Ur-Dragon's triggered ability. So you can draw cards AND put down a permanent for only 2 mana. Be aware, use this before you let The Ur-Dragon's ability resolve.

~~work in progress
Strionic Resonator is in my opinion probably the best card in this deck as it synergizes with SO many cards, just to name a few card draw: Sylvan Library, Rhystic Study, Phyrexian Arena, Mystic Remora, The Great Henge
~~work in progress


I got my hands on a Mox Diamond, I’m currently trying to fit it in this list. I should have a cut for it in a few days


Mirari's Wake Mox Diamond is a stronger card, it does have good synergy with Sylvia Brightspear and my commander but that is to little to still play it


  • card:assasins trophy its a better kill spell and doesn't cost me life which is pretty important as I kill my self pretty fast

  • Gilded Drake getting a creature from my opponents is worth way more than "halving" their mana

  • Mox Diamond just a nother dumb 0 mana artifact



Wasitora, Nekoru Queen this card has kinda gotten weak as it removes a single creature or gives me a 3/3


Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient this card gives a lot of mana, sadly its not as good as Old Gnawbone as you can drop this guy down with The Ur-Dragon's ability and still get the mana




  • Embercleave if you attack someone with The Ur-Dragon and they don't block or they block with a 1/1 you just kill a person



Phyrexian Arena Necropotence is just a straight upgrade from this card so I had to change it out


Necropotence What is there to say, this is probably one of the best, if not the best draw card in edh. Ad Nauseam might come in close but my average CMC is way to high to use it



  • Urabrask the Hidden as its just to weak for this deck, I don't like how its quit expensive for a haste enabler.

  • Swords to Plowshares Giving my opponents extra hp feels kinda bad if you want to kill them trough creature damage and I'd rather play an extra tutor which can get me some good cards.

  • Silumgar, the Drifting Death as I'm not playing dragon tribal anymore this card has been feeling a little worse so I have decided to cut it.

  • Path of Ancestry I don't like that it enters tapped and that I can't search it, I think my mana base is good enough that I can handle cutting it.

  • Teneb, the Harvester This card noticed a lot of speed which is why I drop it

  • Swan Song since I have added Stubborn Denial I noticed that 2 counterspells are enough. It will probably get back on a later date



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