We have finally hit the updated version of my The Ur-Dragon deck (Version 5). The deck has been heavily revamped and improved to allow for maximum firepower.

All of the dragon cost reduction type cards have been removed in favor of actual mana accelerators to help pay for the mana costs on all of our cards. Five color decks have an incredibly needy mana base, so having dorks/rocks that can tap for multiple colors (Noble Hierarch being a good example of this) is incredibly helpful. Cards like the mighty Paradox Engine will help provide more mana for all of our cards and playing the Isochron Scepter with Dramatic Reversal will allow for infinite mana to help play out all of our spells. It will not outright win the game for us, but with enough dragons, it could very well do so. I have found out that Paradox Engine and the new Dragon's Hoard rock are amazing for drawing cards in this deck. Especially if Copy Artifact becomes a Dragon's Hoard and you just start drawing two cards for every spell cast. Speaking of Paradox Engine, we are running the Isochron Scepter + Paradox Engine + Reality Shift combo to exile everyone's libraries.

Steely Resolve and Conqueror's Flail were both placed in to help with protection and have found that they do an excellent job of doing so. Yes, Steely Resolve makes it hard to equip our artifacts, but we generally do not need any once the Steely Resolve hits field.

Standard targeted removal and board wipes will help take care of the field for us, and Patriarch's Bidding and Living Death will help keep our dragon hoard alive and well. We are also running Kaalia of the Vast for the ability to cheat in dragons through combat. Plus the surprise tricks like dropping Hellkite Tyrant in with her affect is great.

The deck is running a full mana base of all ten fetchlands and shocklands. As such, we will be running Crucible of Worlds and Exploration to help hit our land drops every turn and continue to ramp us due to being able to play two lands a turn. Chromatic Lantern will also help turn our fetchlands into just any color lands.

All of the dragon cards should be pretty self explanatory, the only one that might be questionable is Boneyard Scourge, who is just a three drop dragon in this deck that can help recover from a board wipe. Having dragons that do something upon hitting the board is important, but sometimes is hard to come by. Nicol Bolas, the Ravager   is an amazing card as it is a three drop who makes everyone discard a card and could transform into a planeswalker later in the game.

There are many new things that have been added to the deck and I am happy to be able to finally update the deck on tapped out. The deck does need a few more cards (specifically, enchantment removal), but I just need to find what cards to remove for them. Thanks for stopping and looking at the deck, if you enjoyed it, give it a +1. Thanks for supporting The Ur-Dragon initiative, and have a great day!


Updates Add

Good evening followers of the might Ur-Dragon. Good news, and that is the promised update is finally on the way (finally). I do apologize for the lateness. I posted back in July saying that an update would be coming soon, and that wasn't suppose to turn into many months (till October/almost November), work kept me busy over the summer and then school started and being a Biomathematics/Entomology major isn't exactly easy lol, so I am sorry for the long wait. Hopefully it will be posted this weekend or sometime a little sooner (just need to get time away from studies to post it all, cause a lot of the deck got revamped). There are still two cards I want to add and working on trying to fit them in, but even if I don't, the deck still functions very well and is a vast improvement to what is currently posted. I like it, and hopefully when it becomes posted, you will all like it as well. Again, I apologize for my lateness on getting this posted, but just a little more patience and it will pay off. I love this deck and want to keep it updated as much as I can, so hopefully we get some awesome future dragon cards to use. Maybe a return to Tar'kir (probably my favorite set). Till the weekend!!

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