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Aggro works in commander you just need to do it right, and this deck will do it. This deck specializes in creating a board state out of nothing and continues to do so until either you can no longer cast maelstrom wanderer or all of your opponents have died.

This deck does not die to board wipes and will make you the arch enemy at the table it is very fun to pilot. The reason the curve is so high is so the deck does not whiff. This is a well oiled machine and every card you want to cast can be cast from your commander. However this version is nerfed as it was too strong for my play group. This deck at that level is borderline cedh, and currently it is a high power deck. This is definitely my second most fun deck just behind my damia deck. If you have any questions please just ask. This deck is not budget and can be made more budget by replacing the top end however with the rising cost of paper magic most of the good budget cards are no longer budget.

If you play this deck don't expect to be playing your game for a long time, but it sure will be a good time, for you at least.


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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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