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The Ultimate Solar Flare




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A take on Jeremy Dombek's Solar Flare deck with some newer cards from RTR and Dragon's Maze!

The original list can be found here.

I sideboarded all the counterspell cards to make this deck a bit more pro-active.The deck still fails against faster mono-red decks. That's when you bring in the counterspells and remove slower cards like Tamiyo, The Moon Sage and some Detention Spheres. Creatures are no good against RDW decks and have to be reduced in order to make room for the counters.

The idea here is to stop your opponent from playing their burn spells and using Aetherling to dodge attacks and hit an unblockable 8 each turn. Wurmcoil Engine and Timely Reinforcements are your best friends!

Surgical Extraction, Consecrated Sphinx and Nihil Spellbomb are for the mirror and other super-control decks. In a multiplayer scenario, The 3 Supreme Verdicts and 2 Terminus cards are a must.

  1. The Sun Titan and Phantasmal Image Combo (Bringing back Lands, more Images and Detention Spheres)
  2. Plan B with Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and Tokens (Lingering Souls and Grave Titan)
  3. Unleash the Wurmcoil Engine and a pumped up unblockable Aetherling
  4. Finally, If all else fails, mill your opponent for 6 each turn with 2 Nephalia Drownyards.

Milling also helps you get that one fattie out if you're left holding an Unburial Rites in your hand!

Gideon Jura and Tamiyo buy you precious time along with Lingering Souls. Gideon also helps you tap out your opponent's creatures, keeping them wide open for an all-out assault.

Any suggestions or alternate win conditions to this deck are most welcome! :)


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