Do you want to absolutely destroy your opponents? Is someone running a deck you absolutely hate? Then this deck is for you! The magic of this deck uses an insanely long and convoluted combo to literally CHANGE THE DECK THEY PLAY. Force them to shuffle their entire collection into their deck? Make them play their wimpy "Goat Token Beatdown" deck? YOU DECIDE!!!

Inspired by -Logician's EPIC TROLLING with Conspiracy. I limited the colors to improve consistency and improved utility. I copied and pasted some of the instructions from the above deck. I take no credit for making this idea.

In terms of tutors, try to use draw engines that allow you to discard or place cards in the library. Drawing the wrong pieces of the combo (Narcomoeba) will result in considerably higher mana costs.

The instruction will get very very convoluted. That's what happens when you attempt to use crappy budget cards to establish more control than 5 Stax decks combined.

If you wanna see the grand finale, just scroll to the section A VERY SPECIAL GAME. The subsection "New Commander Rules" details this deck functioning at its peak


You will also notice a bunch of cards that aren't mentioned in the instruction. Those are tutors or lands.

Combo requirements:

Basic: You need to be able to cast Mana Severance. After this either activate the effect of Undercity Informer (Costs total) or play Balustrade Spy (costs total). After this, Angel of Glory's Rise must hit the battlefield, one way or another.

The following can be in either the graveyard or library. If they are in hand you will need to be able to cast them in addition to the basic requirements: Dread Return, Narcomoeba (cannot be in graveyard), Lingering Souls (if it is in the library/graveyard you will still need to cast it for its flashback cost of ), Angel of Glory's Rise, Fiend Hunter, Cartel Aristocrat, Priest of Gix, Razor Hippogriff, and Auramancer.

Note: If Dread Return is in hand, you don't need Narcomoeba or Lingering Souls. If Angel of Glory's Rise is in hand, then all three of the above cards are irrelevant.

Note: If using Balustrade Spy, Narcomoeba is irrelevant.

The following cards should not be exiled: Gemstone Array, Conspiracy, Archaeomancer, and Mirror of Fate.

Note: If a card not mentioned above is exiled, it can be retrieved via Mind Spring + Mirror of Fate


Cast Mana Severance to exile all your lands then use the ability of Undercity Informer or Balustrade Spy to mill your entire library.

If Dread Return is in the graveyard:Trigger Narcomoeba and cast Lingering Souls (flashback or manually), then flashback Dread Return sacrificing your three creatures, targeting Angel of Glory's Rise.

If Dread Return is in the hand, cast it targeting Angel of Glory's Rise. If Angel of Glory's Rise is in hand then cast it manually.

As Angel of Glory's Rise enters the battlefield, you're going to return all the Human creatures in your graveyard to the battlefield. While there are many, the important ones are as follows: Fiend Hunter, Cartel Aristocrat, Priest of Gix.

As those three, among your other human creatures, enter the battlefield, you'll gain 3 black mana from Priest of Gix. Trigger Fiend Hunter to exile Angel of Glory's Rise.

Use Cartel Aristocrat to sacrifice Priest of Gix, then sacrifice Fiend Hunter.

When Fiend Hunter dies, his ability goes on the stack, returning Angel of Glory's Rise to the battlefield. Then Angel of Glory's Rise's trigger returns both Fiend Hunter and Priest of Gix to the battlefield; giving you another 3 black mana and exiling Angel under Fiend Hunter again. Continue this process to produce infinite black mana.

Sacrifice all of your human creatures this time. When Fiend Hunter dies and your Angel of Glory's Rise returns the battlefield, return all humans to the battlefield, and this time we'll be focusing on some other cards and actually paying attention to their enters the battlefield effects.

As your Auramancer returns to the battlefield, have it target Conspiracy, and have Archaeomancer recur Fated Infatuation.

With your infinite black mana, cast Conspiracy naming "Human". Now Angel of Glory Rise will revive ALL creatures in your graveyard instead of just humans (Target yourself with Balustrade Spy for now).

Use Razor Hippogriff to retrieve Gemstone Array, Auramancer retrieve Xenograft, and Archaeomancer to retrieve Domineering Will for later.

Cast Gemstone Array and place infinite charge counters on it with your infinite black mana. You can exchange these counters for mana of any color at any time, so you have infinite mana of any color now.

If there are any combo pieces that are exiled, recur Mirror of Fate with Razor Hippogriff or Sharuum the Hegemon. Use Mirror of Fate to place the pieces you want in your library. Next, use Archaeomancer to recur Mind Spring, which you can cast to draw those cards from your deck. If Mind Spring is exiled, feel free to recur any other cantrip or tutor.

Using Fiend Hunter+Angel of Glory's Rise+Cartel Aristocrat recur Razor Hippogriff and Sharuum the Hegemon (play it from your command zone and send it to the grave) repeatedly by sacrificing them and Fiend Hunter to recur them, place all your artifacts onto the battlefield, most importantly Vedalken Orrery, Mirror of Fate, Rishadan Pawnshop, and Ugin's Nexus. Simultaneously, use Fated Infatuation on Lullmage Mentor about infinite times, recurring the instant with Archaeomancer.

Cast Xenograft declaring Merfolk. All creatures you own out of play are Humans, while all creatures you own on the battlefield are Human Merfolk (Conspiracy overrides all other creature types, but because you placed Xenograft on the battlefield after, the effects apply in timestamp order, meaning Conspiracy first overrides all types, then Xenograft "grafts" on Merfolk)

Now the most important step. The single play that grants you the most powerful board in existence.

Use Auramancer to retrieve Starfield of Nyx and Enchanted Evening. This animates everything you control (except Starfield) and blows up all your lands. Don't worry, lands are a trivial and unnecessary part of Magic. Use Fated Infatuation on Xenograft. When the token copy hits the battlefield, name...


Now you have a truly Godlike battlefield.

Cast Fated Infatuation targeting Ugin's Nexus. The moment the token comes into play, sacrifice it via legend rule, then use Rishadan Pawnshop to shuffle the original into your deck. Now you have an extra turn and a single card in your library.

Sacrifice Clever Impersonator to Cartel Aristocrat (I don't know what it's copying but you can sacrifice it) and revive it with the Angel combo, copying Starfield of Nyx, so that it too can join the pantheon of the gods.

Ugin's Nexus+Fated Infatuation+Rishadan Pawnshop will allow you to take infinite turns. Be extremely careful to make sure that no turn ends with Ugin's Nexus sitting on the board, because this will immediately remove all extra turns.

When you end your turn and take another, you will draw Ugin's Nexus. You need to cast it and use the combo to keep it in your deck so you have a card to draw.


From here, you represent the ability to take infinite turns (Fated Infatuation + Rishadan Pawnshop + Ugin's Nexus . You have infinite charge counters on Gemstone Array translating to infinite rainbow mana. You can use Lullmage Mentor, tapping 7 permanents you control to counter any spell. And you can make infinite clones of any permanent you control. Finally, all of your permanents are Enchantment Creature - Human Merfolk God.

Side Combo

Time to take a little break from our main event. Feel free to skip this section if you want to get to the juiciest part of the main combo. Some of the shenanigans here will get you nice and warmed up for later.This detour is a little tricky to pull off. If you mess up your triggers, you will brick in a dramatic fashion. It will be hilarious how you brick, but your board will be very very useless, and you will almost certainly die within a turn cycle.

Recur Mindslaver using the Angel combo with your Razor Hippogriff, and use it once on each opponent. Pass your turn to the first opponent. Use Domineering Will to give them Starfield of Nyx. Recur Hive Mind with the Angel combo and Auramancer, then cast Fated Infatuation 5 times (recurring with Archaeomancer), forcing the opponent to make 5 copies of Starfield that they will control permanently.

On one hand, this will destroy all of their lands. On the other hand, they get to recur 5 enchantments every turn. Id say this is a very even trade. Tell them that by the end of this combo, they will be able to make land drops and keep the lands they play, so this is actually beneficial for them.

Do this once for each opponent, countering excess Hive Mind generated spells with Lullmage Mentor tapping any 7 of your permanents. Now put Hive Mind away for a bit by sacrificing it to Cartel Aristocrat. You'll need it later, but right now it's just annoying. Now, perform another round of Mindslaver.

Go back to the first opponent's turn. Use the Angel combo to sacrifice and reanimate Clever Impersonator, copying nothing. Luckily, Enchanted Evening + Starfield of Nyx keeps it alive. Use Fated Infatuation to make token copies of Enchanted Evening, Starfield of Nyx, Conspiracy and Xenograft naming everything that they are currently naming, Lullmage Mentor, Vedalken Orrery, Cartel Aristocrat, and Clever Impersonator copying nothing. Domineering Will the token copy of Clever Impersonator to your controlled opponent. Recur and cast Hive Mind, then copy it with Fated Infatuation again countering rogue copies. Remove all the counters from Gemstone Array and float a ton of mana from every color.

Payoff Time

Ask your opponents if you want you to have mercy on them. Note down each of their answers. This is very important.Recur Infinite Reflection, Clutch of the Undercity, and Fated Infatuation to your hand. Now, sacrifice the Fiend Hunter and Cartel Aristocrat, holding priority before Angel returns to the battlefield, and cast Infinite Reflection enchanting anything really.

Actually, enchant Storm Crowfoil iconGE icon because that makes your board even more godly. And German.

Allow the enter battlefield trigger to resolve, which is perfectly okay because you have duplicates of everything important.

HOWEVER, if the Angel of Glory's Rise enters the battlefield right now, it will turn into a Storm Crow and you will no longer be able to use the Angel recursion engine. Now, while the "all my permanents are Storm Crows" engine is much more powerful than whatever infinite combo weve been running, our opponents deserve a modicum of mercy, so lets try to avoid that. In addition, since the Angel is currently unable to return safely, you do not have access to any of the infinite engines we painstakingly set up. Other than infinite mana, which is sitting in your mana pool (which will disappear the moment you change phases). The token copy Vedalken Orrery allows you to move freely under these circumstances, so you should be just fine.

Cast Fated Infatuation countering all of them except the one controlled by the Mindslavered opponent, using your token Lullmage Mentor tapping Storm Crows (which should still be Merfolk due to the token Xenografts). The Mindslavered opponent will copy their token copy of Clever Impersonator and that new token copy will target your Infinite Reflection.

Now the choice comes into play. If they begged you for mercy, you will give them access to an incredibly powerful board. Thats right, they will enchant (your original) Storm Crow, and all their nontoken permanents will forevermore enter as Storm Crows. In addition, their 5 token copies of Starfield of Nyx will recur 5 Storm Crows from their graveyard every turn, and all those Storm Crows will gain a power buff, making them even more godly than before.

If they decided not to beg for mercy, you will make them enchant (your token) Clergy en-Vec. They need to have their faiths shield hammered out by the blows of the unbelievers. Tell them that they can still tap their lands, its just that they will be preventing damage instead of making mana.

Now sacrifice the token copy of Hive Mind to your token copy of Cartel Aristocrat. Use Clutch of the Undercity to return your original Infinite Reflection to your hand. Now your board is clear. Allow the Fiend Hunter trigger that has been waiting patiently to return Angel of Glory's Rise to resolve. Your combo is reinstated. Now, in an act of great mercy, sacrifice all your Storm Crows other than the original. It would be far too unfair to have a board full of such powerful cards.

Speaking of fair Magic, perform an iteration of the Angel combo to recur an entire deck of creatures.For each remaining opponent, note that you can make their Clever Impersonators copy the Infinite Reflection controlled by the first Mindslavered opponent, so you dont have to worry about accidentally killing yourself.

The ConTROLL Begins

Maybe your opponents actually have some permanents. Fuck that shit. We gotta deal with that garbage immediately.

During your main phase, produce infinite mana the same way as before.

It's important to note that all of your deck's creatures are currently on the battlefield because of Conspiracy and Angel of Glory's Rise.

Cast Fated Infatuation on Starfield of Nyx. Do this once for each opponent with Archaeomancer recursion, then grant them each a copy with Domineering Will. Actually, give them each 4 copies to be safe.

Their lands will immediately be put into the graveyard because of state-based actions.

Return Fated Infatuation and Domineering Will to your hand.

Make a token copy of Xenograft by casting Fated Infatuation targeting it. Name "Cyclops." Use Archaeomancer, recycling Fated Infatuation, to continue doing this once for each opponent. Use Domineering Will to give each of your opponents a copy of Xenograft (with "Cyclops" named, blinking Archaeomancer as necessary). Now all your opponent's permanents are Cyclops in addition to their other types.

Cast Eye Gouge targeting each of your opponent's creatures one by one, recycling it with Archaeomancer. Your opponents, whose permanents have all become Cyclops creatures, will have all of their permanents wiped out mercilessly by the almighty Eye Gouge. You can spare the Xenografts and Starfield of Nyxs. If you do they will return to your battlefield and make all your permanents "Human Merfolk God Cyclops"

When your opponents ask you what the fuck just happened, just tell them to imagine all of their cards grew a single eye, and you took a needle and poked all of their cards right in their eye, killing all of them.

For indestructible cards, Eye Gouge them to death with the -1/-1. Tell your opponent they died a Death of a Thousand Stings.

Alternate path: Fated Infatuation a Xenograft naming "Zombie", Domineering Will it to an unlucky enemy, then perform the Angel of Glory's Rise thing, with Archaeomancer recycling Domineering Will. Exile all their permanents. Make sure you don't attempt to perform the Angel combo while you have a Zombie Xenograft on your field because that results in instant death (Since you'll exile every permanent of yours on the battlefield)

Other Alternate: Cast and recycle Clutch of the Undercity and Congregate to bounce all their permanents.

Side Combo

Use Archaeomancer to recycle Fated Infatuation again. Use Fated Infatuation with five times on Shadowborn Apostle. Also use Sharuum the Hegemon to return Rishadan Pawnshop to the battlefield. Pick up Fated Infatuation while you are at it.

Recycle Fated Infatuation to make copies of Rishadan Pawnshop. Just make a bunch.

Use Vampire Hexmage to sacrifice himself (herself?) and remove all vanishing counters from your Lost Auramancers. Then sacrifice Lost Auramancers (putting its ability on the stack) and Fiend Hunter, returning Angel of Glory's Rise to the battlefield, which returns Lost Auramancers, Fiend Hunter, and Vampire Hexmage to the battlefield. The Lost Auramancers ability is still hovering on the stack. Don't resolve it yet.

Now sacrifice all six Shadowborn Apostles using their own ability.

Your opponent's will be all like, "Bruh, there's nothing in your library. Get rekt?" The smart alecks will be like "Bruh, even if you had a creature there, Conspiracy overrides creature types, get super rekt bruh."

Just give them an evil grin, and say in the most demonic way possible, "... hold priority."

"Dude. There's nothing in your stupid library. What are you even doing?"

At this time, you have a Shadowborn Apostle trigger on the stack with a Lost Auramancers ability below that.

Go ahead and sacrifice Vampire Hexmage again removing the counters off of Lost Auramancers. Sacrifice Lost Auramancers and Fiend Hunter again, returning them to the battlefield again.

Go ahead and sacrifice Vampire Hexmage again removing the counters off of Lost Auramancers. Sacrifice Lost Auramancers and Fiend Hunter again, returning them to the battlefield again.

No that was not a typo. Do as I say.

The stack looks like this: At the bottom is one Lost Auramancers triggers attempting to put an enchantment from your library into play. Above that is Shadowborn Apostle. Above that are two more Lost Auramancers triggers each attempting to put another enchantment into play from your library.

Now activate one of your Rishadan Pawnshops and shuffle your Conspiracy into your library.Resolve the first of your Lost Auramancers abilities. Put Conspiracy into play from your library. Name "Demon."

There's nothing in your library. The next thing on the stack is Shadowborn Apostle's ability. Your opponents are giving you a weird look.

Activate another Rishadan Pawnshop targeting your Storm Crowfoil iconGE icon, shuffling it into your library.

Resolve Shadowborn Apostle's ability and put the most badass demon in your entire library into play: God Crowfoil icon

After you rise out of your seat in triumph and gaze at the stars as you look back at your amazing life, make sure to activate another Rishadan Pawnshop to shuffle Xenograft back into your library, and then resolve a Lost Auramancers ability to put it back into play and name "God". Now you own the Demon God Crow. BUT NOT JUST ANY DEMON GOD CROW. A German Foil Demon God Crow.

Now Rishadan Pawnshop your Conspiracy into your deck and resolve the final Lost Auramancers trigger, putting it into play naming Human. Get rid of your old Xenografts with Cartel Aristocrat (Conspiracy immediately overrides them, and they cause clutter) and place a fresh set of Xenografts and token copies naming Merfolk and God.

Also, Demon :)

You literally did all of that just to put Storm Crow into your library and then back onto the field; granted, in probably the most epic way possible.

Ultimate Technique

It is time. Time to take all the tools you have painstakingly accumulated. Time to establish total and utter dominance over the fools that sit around your Magic table.

Time. To.


Using the Angel of Glory's Rise/Fiend Hunter/Cartel Aristocrat, have Sharuum the Hegemon and Razor Hippogriff revive all your artifacts, mainly Mindslaver, Tormod's Crypt, and Mirror of Fate, meanwhile have Archaeomancer grab Fated Infatuation, Death Wish, and Congregate. Also have Auramancer retrieve Volrath's Dungeon and Hive Mind.

Shivers run through the spines of your foes. What could you be planning? Giving everyone infinite life? Placing your entire collection of permanents onto the battlefield?

Their puny imaginations know nothing.

Cast Volrath's Dungeon.

Use Archaeomancer to put any card into your hand and immediately discard it to Volrath's Dungeon, continuing this process until all of your opponents' hands are in their libraries. While you do this, Mindslaver every opponent, recurring Mindslaver with Sharuum/Razor Hippogriff.

Use Balustrade Spy and Undercity Informer to mill your opponents' entire libraries (recurring your creatures with the Angel combo), then use Tormod's Crypt to exile them. While it seems like Enchanted Evening + Starfield of Nyx will interfere with this, don't worry. Simply Fated Infatuation Fiend Hunter and exile Enchanted Evening, recur and sacrifice Tormod's Crypt, then sacrifice the token in order to return Enchanted Evening to the battlefield.

Mindslaver is still ready to gain control of an opponent during the next chance that opponent gets to take a turn, which hasn't happened yet.

Exile all of your opponents' graveyards by recycling Tormod's Crypt.

In an extremely interesting series of plays, you can technically now dictate entirely the order of turns taken by players.

Cast Ugin's Nexus, then Domineering Will it to the opponent to whom you want to grant an extra turn, then kill it with Eye Gouge (Either recycle Eye Gouge 5 times or Domineering Will them a Cyclops Conspiracy/Xenograft).

To recycle Ugin's Nexus, simply target it with Mirror of Fate and you will draw it next turn. Note that you do not need the next turn or use any turn manipulation shenanigans whatsoever, you can just let the turn order cycle through Mindslavered players. But you are a mysterious God, keep the mortals on their toes.

Currently, your opponents' entire decks are exiled. Everything from their library, their hand, and their graveyard.

Give the opponent their turn.

From the moment their turn begins, you control them, but obviously you also control yourself too. Before that opponent's draw step, look at them dead in the eye. DEAD INTO THE WINDOW OF THEIR SOUL!!! And say...

"You aren't ready for this!"

During their upkeep, cast Fated Infatuation on Mirror of Fate a bunch of times (yes we should have done this instead of reviving it 20 times) and Domineering Will a copy to the Mindslavered opponent.

Next, Mindslaver them again (not necessary. Do it anyway), use one of their Mirror of Fates to shuffle at least 1 card into their library. They get to draw a single card from their deck, a gift from you that they will hold close to their heart for eternity after you are done with them.

Use Fated Infatuation and Domineering Will to give a copy of Clergy en-Vec to each opponent

Cast Hive Mind.

Cast Fated Infatuation. Your opponents should have only 1 target.

Now your opponents all have Clergy en-Vec. Tell your opponents that the card is very appropriate for what is about to happen to them. They get to keep these forever, by the way.

Cast Death Wish. Hive Mind gives each of your opponents a copy of Death Wish. Counter those copies with Lullmage Mentor (remember to counter your own, or else) then add the original to your hand with Archaeomancer. Using Lullmage Mentor's second ability to counter immediately triggers the first ability of all of your Mentors, generating 7 Human Merfolk tokens which dies instantly. Oops. If you run out of permanents to tap, make more with Fated Infatuation and keep countering Death Wishes you don't need resolving.

Only the controlled opponent's Death Wish resolves. Since you control them, you get to decide the card from outside the game that will be put into his or her hand. Since this isn't a sanctioned magic event, and this is a casual game, the ruling states that you can interpret Death Wish to be able to get any card in your collection, not just from your sideboard. Go into their backpack and find another deck they have. Pick a card from it and add it to their hand.

Continue the process of casting Death Wish and countering the copies of Death Wish and the original and recycling the original to your hand with Archaeomancer (it's not exiled by its effect because you countered it, or else this instruction would be a 20 page essay about Mirror of Fate).

If your opponent drops to 1 life, cast Congregate and counter whatever you want (you don't have to). 17 of your creatures are on the battlefield, not including copies and animated permanents, so each copy heals for over 34. You control your target and your opponent's target, so use them both on him.

Eventually, you will have given your opponent a new deck (hand?) to play with in the middle of a game.

Don't stop there. There's nothing that says they have to play with only one deck at a time. Put all of that opponent's decks into his hand. PLAY ALL THE DECKS! Also a bunch of your opponents have really crazy life totals.

Animate and Domineering Will Ugin's Nexus to your next victim, with the appropriate counters to give an appropriate mindslavered opponent the next turn. Use the Death Wish thing to give him a nice fat hand too.

Once all your opponents have their entire collection of Magic cards in their hands, use Volrath's Dungeon countless times to put their hands into their decks.

From here, you can exile their entire deck again and tell them that you defeated all of their decks at once.

It's even possible to set your own library up with a completely different deck as well, and then exile this deck while giving your opponents, in a very fair way, only one different EDH deck. In this way, it's like you started a new game of EDH with different decks, except it's still the same game.

Alternate Paths

Resetting the game: Give each of your opponents a 99 card deck and take a turn with Ugin's Nexus. Congregate + Death Wish yourself 99 nice cards. Volrath's Dungeon them on top of your deck. With everyone Mindslavered, play Ugin's Nexus and end your turn, to remove any spare turns floating around (make your opponents pass). Tormod's Crypt yourself. Fated Infatuation yourself a Zombie Conspiracy. Cast Fated Infatuation on Angel of Glory's Rise, exiling all your permanents.

Everyone has a 99 card deck, no hand, no turn order manipulation, no mana. By the way, depending on your methods for playing Sharuum he might require some obscene mana cost. Good luck.

Note: An interesting thing you can do is to make copies of Gemstone Array, put infinite counters on them, then use Domineering Will to give it to your opponent, mindslaver them, play their commander, then give them a Zombie Conspiracy and perform the Angel combo all on their turn. Because you control them, you control where the commander goes. so you can exile them or shuffle them into the deck (by Domineering Will a Rishadan Pawnshop and have them shuffle the commander into deck).

Freezing the game: Exile your opponent's decks and stuff. Fated Infatuation Conspiracy naming Zombie and Fated Infatuation Fiend Hunter exiling Shared Fate. Now cast Fated Infatuation on Angel of Glory's Rise, and returning Shared Fate to the battlefield, leaving it alone in the middle of pure emptiness. No one can die by drawing. No one has the tools to damage anyone else. The game ends when either you concede, or everyone else concedes.

You could say that that everyone shares the same fate.


One problem with all the previous instructions is that they simply don't grant enough control or troll. Sure a small minded person might look at the power they wield and be awed. But people like you and me, well, we want more.

Before reading the following section, raise your arms above your head. Feel the mystical energies of the multiverse flow into you. You are a planeswalker. You wield the power of the entire world at your fingertips. Fools quake before you. Mountains tremble. Now look at your foes and sneer for it is time to ascend the throne. Once you are done they will no longer be enemies. Merely lower beings.

Nicol Bolas got nothing on this.

Let us begin the sacred ritual

Revive Shared Fate with Auramancer.

Exile your opponent's decks and mindslaver them all. Use Rishadan Pawnshop on Hive Mind and use Mind Spring or something to draw it. You can also sacrifice it to Cartel Aristocrat and add it to hand with Auramancer. Whatever floats your boat.

If at any point during the following sequence Death Wish is exiled, use Mirror of Fate to place it in the deck and Mind Spring to draw it. Also use Congregate to heal yourself.

Use Death Wish 99 times per opponent. Use the Volrath's Dungeon/add card from graveyard to hand loop to place the added cards into your deck.

Retrieve Mind Spring. Cast Shared Fate. Cast Hive Mind.

On a mindslavered opponent's turn, get infinite mana. Then cast Mind Spring X=99. Counter Mind Springs not owned by the mindslavered opponent. Because Shared Fate and Mindslaver are active, you can force the chosen opponent to exile the top 99 cards of your deck. That opponent can play with YOUR cards that you chose for him. Shared Fate exiles are treated as a 99 card hand.

Repeat this process for each opponent (you can manipulate the turn order with the Domineering Will + Mirror of Fate + Ugin's Nexus combo), giving each of them a 99 card "hand" from your collection.

Death Wish a permanent for each opponent and place them on the field. Animate them with Sydri, Galvanic Genius as necessary, then use Fated Infatuation on Fiend Hunter to have a Fiend Hunter token exile each of these permanents.

Tell your opponents that these permanents are their "commanders", one assigned to each player. In order to play their commanders, they need to pay the appropriate mana cost, then you will sacrifice the Fiend Hunter token corresponding to their "commander" and Domineering Will it to the appropriate opponent.

Use Rishadan Pawnshop (with Fated Infatuation to make as many as necessary) targeting Volrath's Dungeon and Shared Fate. Recycle Mind Spring and draw these cards. Play Shared Fate

You have now created a new commander game. You will allow your opponents to fight each other with their 99 card Shared Fate decks and give them their commander when they tap the appropriate mana. Note that the mana they tap for their "commander" is not actually spent and remains in their mana pool. Tell them that if they play their "commander" then attempt to spend the mana they tapped, they will receive the mark of the cheater: a Zombie Conspiracy.

New commander rules:

You are the Arbiter, the god who will keep the multiverse in balance. The Arbiter has the following abilities:

Players have 99 card hands which you have carefully sculpted for them and do not draw, because Shared Fate remains active and no one has a deck.

Players may cast their assigned commanders at designated times. Note that the assigned commanders do not have to be legendary or creatures. You can make their commanders lands if you want. The cost for a commander should be the listed mana cost. However, the Arbiter will use table talk to inform players what the mana cost is and can assign mana costs at whim (ex. Your commander is a Forest. Pay 5 white mana for it). Note that you will have to Domineering Will their commander to them every turn (because they return to your control) and their commanders will be forced to block. You can get around this with Fated Infatuation + Hive Mind + Mindslaver to force them to create a token copy of their "commander" which they technically own (it was their copy of Fated Infatuation that created the token)

The Arbiter will not take a turn. Turns can be skipped by passing. (Your Grand Abolisher keeps things clean on your turn).

The Arbiter may intervene during the beginning anyone's declare attackers step or declare blockers step and dictate attackers and/or blockers. Players must obey.

(optional) Players may not target the Arbiter or any of the Arbiter's permanents for any reason, nor may they cast boardwipes that destroy anything that would disrupt the Angel of Glory's Rise loop (such as Merciless Eviction naming anything that isn't planeswalker)

(optional) Players must refer to the Arbiter by whatever name the Arbiter desires, such as "Lord" or "Mr/Ms Arbiter".

(optional) Players must treat Storm Crow as Phage the Untouchable and must refer to it as God Crow.

(optional) See Sharuum the Hegemon's flavor text? Tell them that they must ask you a riddle you've never heard to gain audience with you.

Any rule can be violated if the Arbiter grants permission. (example: Player A wants to play a second land for turn. Player A asks the Arbiter, who grants this request by using Ugin's Nexus, under the condition that this turn is only used for an extra land).

If a table talk enforced rule is violated, the victim shall be granted one of two penalties (both in the case of a severe rule break): a "Zombie" Conspiracy or all lands destroyed. The offending card will be countered as possible. For a minor violation player will be granted Mirror of Fate and be asked to use the Mirror on specific cards exiled via Shared Fate, which will be distributed to other players (via Shared Fate). Violation of minor penalty (returning the wrong card to the deck) will result in major penalty.

Just as a player is about to win the game, use Ugin's Nexus to grant them the next turn. Then concede, immediately removing every card from the board, Shared Fate, and all cards exiled by Shared Fate. Tell them that you just delivered the Supreme Verdict.

Note: In my playgroup we do not allow the use of cards such as Death Wish. If this is the case for your playgroup, replace Death Wish, Tormod's Crypt and Congregate with Archangel's Light and some random tutors. Use Undercity Informer/Balustrade Spy to force your opponents to mill their libraries, then use Domineering Willd copies of Mirror of Fate while they are under Mindslaver to place cards exiled back into the library. When all cards from your opponents are in their graveyards or libraries (this includes their commanders) retrieve cast Archangel's Light (all graveyards move into decks because of Hive Mind), then use the Hive Mind + Mind Spring + Mindslaver combo to force everyone to swap decks. (remember to counter your own copy of Archangel's Light)

I will try to adapt the remnants of the deck into my own creative combos later. I hope you enjoy!

It's Over $100?! OMG! Remove the budget tag you liar!!!!

Calm down, here I will show you how to save the monies

If your playgroup allows proxies, this deck is incredibly cheap. Ancient Tomb is more than 1/5 of this deck's entire price. Replacing it with a basic makes this deck literally under $100. It's mainly in the deck to troll people who read the word "Budget" then read the first card on the list.

Storm Crow is not actually $11. However, this deck doesn't function properly without a foil German Storm Crow. Obviously.

For medium priced cards, Mystical Tutor, Grand Abolisher, and Mindslaver are a about 20 bucks. Most of these aren't actually relevant to the combo, and Mindslaver has an alternative.

Maybeboard Replacements and Reasons Why Not

You can replace Ancient Tomb with... well anything really. However, it's sorta fun to say things like "I'm running a budget deck with Ancient Tomb" :p

You can replace Mindslaver with Worst Fears, and you can recycle Worst Fears with Mind Spring + Mirror of Fate . This technique is definitely a way to save money, but it frankly irritates me.

You can replace Hive Mind with Curse of Echoes targeting yourself, but you will need to get creative with Mindslaver.

Razor Hippogriff can be replaced with the far more practical Treasure Hunter which is less mana heavy and is a Human. Personally I think the word Hippogriff is funny sooooo...

Sharuum the Hegemon isn't a good commander for this deck. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is likely the best, since it grants you longevity and card draw. Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker and Ravos, Soultender grant you huge amounts of utility together. The thing is, Sharuum perfectly exemplifies the kind of player you should be to run this deck: a mysterious and inscrutable being whose whims can bring death or life.

A lot of the complications arise when you want to force your opponent to target a specific card or player with a spell. The deck currently uses Mindslaver to do this, but a more elegant solution would be using Draco and Psychic Battle.

If you feel like you keep on drawing Narcomoeba, remove it and Lingering Souls and replace Dread Return with Unburial Rites. This improves consistency (two dead draws replaced with tutors) but means that the combo will have a higher mana cost.

Because of the recent price hike of Conspiracy I will now offer the alternative. Replace Conspiracy and Razor Hippogriff with Ashes of the Fallen and Treasure Hunter. This disables the entire Side Combo section of the deck and removes Razor Hippogriff, and as a result will make Shadowborn Apostle, Lost Auramancers, and Vampire Hexmage irrelevant.

One more thing. This deck uses far too much white mana. Most of the white spells in the deck aren't meant to be cast until after you've received infinite rainbow mana. The only white spells you may actually need land to cast are Grand Abolisher. Angel of Glory's Rise, and Lingering Souls from hand. Feel free to trim white mana from the deck.

If you wish to see the old variant of the deck with a lighter budget restriction and heavier focus on the combo, look at The Boring Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE. This version trims down all the awesome flavor, the side combo, and basically the soul of the deck. But it is probably better at becoming god himself.

If you don't like blue, or think blue is too easy, then check out The Ultimate Abzan Way to Troll EVERYONE

It's Christmas! And what better way to celebrate than...

The Ultimate Christmas Way to Troll EVERYONE

Commander / EDH chosenone124


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