I built Chromantiflayer for Theros-Khans Standard block and had so much fun that I want to bring it to modern, of course, with a modern twist.

The entire point is to discard or self-mill as many creatures with abilities that Soulflayer can absorb as fast as possible and swing with the biggest turn 3 (?) Soulflayer possible. Lotleth Troll is an enabler for Soulflayer, but due to the Troll's ability, it is VERY easy to pump the troll as well, allowing (in a good case scenario) a big troll and scary flayer swinging for near lethal by turn 4. I've had pretty good luck with consistent results and big swings by as soon as turn 3, but I want to make this as strong as I can. It's a work in progress so let me know if you have any suggestions.

Edit: I'm considering adding blue for more productive self mill and countermagic to protect my wincon. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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