The moment i saw Chatterfang, Squirrel General i knew i would have to build a deck around him.

The center of this deck is the abuse of Chatterfangs ability to produce a squirrel, whenever I would create a token. Building the deck could’ve been pretty easy, just jam all the MTG-Staples (Avenger of Zendikar and alike) in and call it a day… but i wanted to have it some own flavour, it‘s own touch and theme and it took me a while until i knew which one i finally wanted to use.

Food and Teasure Almost all creature either creates at least on such token, which is kinda flavourful because Squirrels are hording Food (and maybe some shiny objects ;o)), or knows how to use them. The deck can escalate pretty quickly and overwhelm the board by floading squirrel and gain value out of your tokens.

That said, the deck itself is created to have fun and maybe sneak one win or the other.

Don’t mind the silber-bordered cards, our playgroud decided to don’t have an issue with them,… if your playgroup has, just cut it for anything you find flavourful and have fun with it.



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