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The Suicide Squad (Tana Just Watches)

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Blessed be the Suicide Squad

This is one of my oldest EDH decks, and it has had different commanders throughout its lifespan. When I first created this deck the commander was Adun Oakenshield. I loved the fact that this commander was different along with the theme of using many creatures like Ball Lightning that killed themselves on the end step.

Then Wizards went and released Korvold, Fae-Cursed King and I was hyped. I immediately switched the commander from Adun Oakenshield to Korvold, Fae-Cursed King and filled my deck with WAYYYY more sacrifice value, for instance I added Lotus Field, Lotus Vale, Scorched Ruins, Lake of the Dead. To make up for all of this land sacrifice and destruction I added many cards that let you play extra lands such as Exploration, The Gitrog Monster, Oracle of Mul Daya, Crucible of Worlds, and Ramunap Excavator.

The deck was very strong. The deck was too strong.

Simply put, the deck lost it's charm, and it seemed to lose what the original point of the deck was. Commander damage with Korvold, Fae-Cursed King was never the goal

I told my friend this issue, and he suggested that I just make the deck Dune-Brood and make Ravos, Soultender the commander while Tana, the Bloodsower just sits in the command zone and does absolutely nothing.

What I love about Ravos, Soultender is that I can keep the deck to the original theme, and still have the Adun Oakenshield ability, BUT IT IS FREE.

Plus Ravos, Soultender has flying and buffs the Suicide Squad +1 +1. This deck is significantly better with Ravos, Soultender and I do not think that I will ever change this decks commander anytime soon. Some of the white cards I've been able to add to this deck are insane too.

The Suicide Squad consists of 10 creatures that sacrifice themselves on the end step.

Lightning Skelemental This is my favorite Suicide Squad member. Not only can you repeatedly slap your opponent in the face for 6, you can also add insult to injury by making them discard two cards. With the right amount of recursion on the battlefield, this can make your opponents life a living hell. Which is pretty much my goal.

Ball Lightning, Arc Runner, Groundbreaker These three Suicide Squad members do not really have anything super unique about them. They are all 3 cmc and they all slap face. Not much else to it. Plain and simple, as it should be. The only issue is that Arc Runner does not have trample, but that is okay. We still love him.

Blistering Firecat For extra mana compared to the other suicide squad members, you get a 7/1 instead of a 6/1. Every point of damage counts when you are slapping face, and this furry boy sure does slap. On top of the extra damage this feline also has morph if you want to surprise your opponents.

Hell's Thunder First off, amazing name for a card. While he is not a 6/1 or a 5/1 he does have flying and in many situations this can be really useful. Additionally, he has 4 toughness which can be good if an opponent has ways to give your creatures -1/-1s. This is the only Suicide Squad member with flying which I find valuable.

Impetuous Devils This Suicide Squad member is low key a beast. This creature is essentially targeted removal for your opponents creatures for 4 mana. When attacking with Impetuous Devils you can force any of your opponents creatures to block him. When you have optimal graveyard recursion you can do this every turn and essentially take out all of your opponents creatures.

Putrefax My cheekiest sneakiest member of the Suicide Squad, the true devil of this deck. I really only use this card when I know that I can get a kill with him. For instance, if Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or Xenagos, God of Revels is in play, it is almost a guaranteed kill if your opponent cannot block. Although it is 5 mana which can be tough to cast.

Still, when played properly your opponents have no idea about it until it is too late, it truly is a come-out-of-nowhere win con that your opponents always overlook.

Shizzik Probably my least favorite of the suicide squad, I like to think that all of the Suicide Squad members absolutely hate him. It is a 4 cmc 5/3 and you can pay an extra to make it so he does not commit suicide at the end step. I almost never pay to keep it in play because the deck has so much sacrifice and creature dying value.

Spark Trooper The NEWEST member of the Suicide Squad. This creature I've always wished did not have white in it, but now that I can use this in my deck, I love this creatures. It is a 6/1 for 4 cmc with trample, and more importantly, Lifelink. This is a huge addition to the deck.

How to Get Value From Creatures That Kill Themselves Post Combat When all of your strongest are either going to die or have died, we need to capitalize of off that. These creatures sacrificing themselves needs to be seen as a good thing rather than a bad thing.

Let's talk about everyone's favorite mechanic, card draw.

Grim Haruspex and Midnight Reaper both grant card draw when a creature you control dies. Though, Midnight Reaper does spit in your face for one damage every time this happens. But it is still worth it.

Additionally, When you know that your creature is going to die on the end step Skullclamp is extremely strong.

Primal Growth is another great way to get value off of a creature that you already know is going to die, sacrifice the creature for the kicker costs and boom you got 2 untapped basic lands for some second main phase casting.

Attrition Sacrifice a creature slap another creature in the face, I like it.

Greater Good This card is absolutely insane. You can draw so many cards so quickly. I even purposely left Reliquary Tower out of this deck so that I can put tons of strong creatures in the graveyard for recursion.

While a 6/1 creature is pretty big, this is not nearly enough damage when your opponents start the game at 40 life. We gotta bulk these bois up.

One of my all time favorite cards in this deck is Primal Foremage he essentially buffs your creatures for a short period of time when they ETB. But with cards like Ball Lightning and Groundbreaker it does not matter if the +3/+3 is only until end of turn, because you will be focusing on slapping faces.

Berserkers' Onslaught is also a force in this deck. When all of the creatures have double strike someone can very quickly go from 40 to 0 life real quick.

Of course this deck wouldn't slap so well without Xenagos, God of Revels. When this card and Berserkers' Onslaught are both in play, you pretty much become a god.

Lastly, Grafted Wargear is another card that I hold near and dear to my heart. The fact that it has equip is huge.

Recursion is super important in this deck. While Ravos, Soultender himself has recursion, that alone is not always enough.

Late game Karador, Ghost Chieftain can be a beat letting you recast a creature directly out of the graveyard.

Karmic Guide and Sun Titan can also be very clutch, these cards work really well when Eternal Witness is in the graveyard.

Low key, Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle is insane in the deck too, there are a ton of legendary creatures and artifacts in this deck. And the majority of the creatures in this deck are three cmc or less.


Updates Add

I decided to take out Saffi Eriksdotter far too often it did nothing for the deck. It doesn't have good synergy with the suicide squad.

I wanted to replace the card with another legendary so that Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle could still be used well. Plus the deck needed another sacrifice outlet. That being said, I added everyones favorite card Brion Stoutarm. I just think it will be hilarious to swing someone for 6 and then after combat sacrifice that creature to deal an additional 6.

Though I do wish it worked with cards like Aluren a 4/4 for 4 cmc is pretty decent.


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