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The Strategist's Defenders

Commander / EDH Defender GWU (Bant)



In this simple defenders deck, our opponents will definitely want to Wrath the board seeing our cheap defenders (several of them with flying) bash them down relatively early in the game, possibly with unblockability from Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa , but we have some surprises for them: Faith's Reward , Glorious Protector , Cosmic Intervention , Ghostway and Eerie Interlude . Casting any of these cards while having Arcades in play plus 4 or 5 defenders, our board will emerge unscathed PLUS we'll draw A BUNCH OF CARDS!

Morevover, our own sweepers are pretty much one-sided. Because our creatures either have low CMC or low power, so cards like Austere Command and Dusk are great! (just don't have Arcades out when playing Dusk , we have Retribution of the Meek for that)

The simple winning condition: Attacking with a lot of creatures by either having Arcades or High Alert (or Assault Formation with lots of ) on the battlefield and some of the following: Tower Defense , Bar the Door or the unblockability as mentioned above. Assault Formation can also be a mini-buff to all of our board if we have nowhere else to spend our .

A nice synergy I accidentally found out while playing : If you have Eternal Witness and Ghostway / Eerie Interlude and some defenders out with Arcades, the Strategist , you can always leave 3 mana open and keep blinking them to draw some cards in your opponent's end step. ( Eternal Witness keeps returning Ghostway to our hand)


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