I really love this deck. It is quite possibly my favorite. Even when I don't win, I always feel like I impacted the game and had fun doing it!

I built this deck specifically to be a clasic yet viable multi-player burn strategy. Since that is so hard to do in EDH without using infinite combos, Oathbreaker was a perfect place for this to thrive. And it crushes! Even with my jank favorites, it performs very well against a large range of strategies. However, over time, my play group moved away from Oathbreaker and back to EDH (something I think many groups are doing, unfortunately). Luckily, my play group lets me use this deck in EDH matches; since I am at a huge disadvantage with the 60 extra life I have to chew through, having a Divination and an illegal plansewalker around isn't usually that game busting... At first, I started using this deck in these matches simply to play with some of my favorite burn spells, accepting that I would be crushed. To my surprise though, it actually does hold its own fairly regularly! It's not the turn 6 killer it is in Oathbreaker but it has dominated our EDH games more than a handful of times :)

Please feel free to let me know of any cards you think would be a great addition! Keep in mind, this deck is still built for fast Oathbreaker; I want my curve to stay as low as possible. And, because I don't have any Mana fixing, I am using spells with only one respective color pip (because of this, I have never once been Mana screwed or had Mana issues). I also love janky old cards that still pack a wallop! If you know of any gems that can join the ranks of my Mind Bomb, Mana Clash, and Searing Rays, please please let me know!


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