I have been fine tuning the Necron 40K deck and am just looking for feedback and ideas that lead specifically with the mono black Commander "Szarekh, the Silent King", as i believe he does a better job of facilitating the deck than the other legendary creatures from the deck. I am mostly looking for review and

This version of the deck does primarily build wide making a large board with hard to deal with artifact creatures through the use of Card like Darksteel forge and unwinding clock. as well as the graveyard recusion from things like reanimate, out of the tombs and sheoldred. A large intint with the deck is to control the board state until you have a large wide board, or massive commander damage, or possibly an infinite combo facilitated by Trazyn the Infinite + Pili-Pala + any mana rock that provides 2 + walking Ballista

before I was leaning on using the artifact creatures that have recursive to hand effects to facilitate making more of the necron warrior tokens made by Imotekh the Stormlord, and it often got in the way of my other casts so i cut back on that kept him in for getting the incedental warrior tokens more than trying to force it and feel the deck is alot stronger when you search more using the silent king as commander where you can get more to hand through his ability.


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