Goblin Eldrazi tribal deck, with a splash for card advantage. Why use eldrazi spawns, when you can use goblins?


This deck is based on swarming the board with possibily the swarmiest creature type of them all (goblins) to then turn them all into eldritch, lovecraftian abominations. There's a lot of flavor to it, so it's fun to play.

The main ways to gain mana to summon our Old Gods are:

  • Ashnod's Altar: with only 4 goblins you can unleash the blind eternities on your opponent. Pretty straightforward

  • Skirk Prospector: weaker and cheaper version of the Altar, can be useful until you find it, expecially in summoning some minor Harbingers for a surprise defence.

  • Brightstone Ritual: grants a lot of mana without needing to sacrifice your goblin cultists

Our Great Old Ones are:

Obviously, you could even win by sheer goblins only.


The side of the deck adds some much needed card advantage, with Shared Discovery and Distant Melody, which help in finding more eldrazi to play.

Main downside of the deck is the absence of interaction. Yeah, you can do a surprise block with Otherworldly Outburst + Skirk Prospector but that's it. I'd gladly add some Lightning Bolt but I can't find a way to fit them. But then, elf decks don't have interaction and still get high on the meta, so... . Possibly there are too many lands (late game landflooding can happen, you don't really need more than 4 on the board), but I like having 2/3 in the first hand.



In the maybeboard there are alternative strategies and cards I'd like to use.

I'd like to find a place for Goblin Chirurgeon in the sideboard, to help with removal.

Eldrazi Devastator can be better than Ulamog's Crusher if you know you're facing a lot of chump blockers. Still testing if having some in the sideboard would be worth it.

Goblin Grenade could provide some removal, but is still in playtesting.

Kaervek's Torch probably would be a great substitute for Eldrazi if you wanted a more competitive deck. Could easily pump out 30 damage in one use. Maybe I'll put it in the sideboard to Surprise some opponent on the second match. Not using it in main because Eldrazi are far more fun and flavor Is important, but maybe I'll use it in some tournament.
Just wanted you to know it's a valuable choice

As for Torch Courier and Goblin Motivator I'm thinking about removing Otherworldly Outburst to fit 3 of them and 1 Goblin Grenade, managing with other fixes to have 3 grenades. I'm not sure though, because having hastened Ulamog's Crusher would be neat, but I love Otherworldly Outburst.

That's all you need to know about the deck, cheers and thanks for reading!


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