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The Scar-Striped Scavenger

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It's time to dig through the graveyard with Scavenge. Varolz, the Scar-Striped allows us to get extreme value out of scavenging that otherwise wouldn't be seen, such as paying cheap costs for a handful of counters scavenging creatures like Nyxathid and Force of Savagery . Corpsejack Menace allows extra value from each scavenge, even cheap creatures like Slitherhead .

I don't think I'm getting full value out of creatures like Lotleth Troll, feel free to make adjustments, whether it is cutting him or changing things to better support him/or the scavenging theme as a whole.

((My deck building strategy is to have as many different cards while keeping a core theme. Trying to increase variety for and fun kitchen table play. I try to keep my decks ~$20, sometimes adding more expensive core cards over time. This is one of my 30+ decks that I use to play against each other.))


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