Old school 93/94 land destruction. With guardian orb disco. Eternal Central rules.

The historic Library of Alexandria is filled with many great stories and ancient tomes.

An excerpt from the book, The Salted Earth...

“The world has been destroyed by ice and stone, cast down from the heavens above. And from fiery depths below, sinkholes swallow entire cities. Chaos thrives. All that remains is a mysterious and menacing orb where the sun once used to shine. Impervious to being destroyed and guarded by terrible beasts, it lords over the land, laying to waste anything that it touches. What few life forms remain scavenge the salted earth for whatever resources they can find in order to survive. Always on the look out for the only artifact ever mentioned to be able to defeat the beasts and destroy the orb once and for all, the fabled Disk of Larry Niven!”


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