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The Red Terror: Akroma's Manifesto

Commander / EDH Aggro Battlecruiser Mono-Red Ramp




My years-long project at making a stable mono-red EDH deck. This deck has gone through many iterations, and this is the newest one combining the reliability of other iterations with a (new) "anarchist" (*NOT CHAOS) flavor (see below). Mono-Red is a challenge for playing EDH, and I was not interested in building a one-trick pony, but rather a generally robust deck that is relevant for all of my group's matchups. People are typically surprised at its performance!

Fun fact: I have a custom Wyrmwood deckbox for this deck with the inscription "BELLUM OMNIUM CONTRA OMNES". :)

Still thinking of a proper name for the deck...

Join the Fight! (TBC)

Anarchist : The resourcefulness of our communities' individuals knows no limits!

Magus of the Moon : Duly elected union representative!

Manic Vandal : Break the machine!

Inferno Titan : The working class personified!

Scourge of the Throne : No war but class war!

Scourge of Kher Ridges : enter image description here

Skyline Despot : No "Tyranny of Structurelessness"!

Urabrask the Hidden : "Let [the Resistance] be"!

Anarchy : Our doctrine always supervenes on our efforts (from the sideboard)!

Blasphemous Act : Their religion keeps you on your knees! You cannot fight while on your knees!

Chain Reaction : One by one the scabs shall fall!

Chaos Warp : Uproot the status quo!

Disrupt Decorum : Do not play by their rules! Their treaties are lies!

Furnace of Rath : "Meet the in the streets, meet them in the hollers, meet them in the hills and don't back down, don't back down"!

Leyline of Punishment : The oppressors' counterrevolutionary tactics are many! Beware of: Deception & misinformation ( Constant Mists ), illegitimate incarceration ( Solitary Confinement ), and mismanagement of natural resources ( Glacial Chasm & Maze of Ith )! See also: Insult & Unstable Footing

Insurrection : They are few, we are many!

Glorious End : The workers have had enough! The time is now to initiate the final struggle!

Seize the Day : With the right timing and organization, their system shall collapse!

enter image description here

Congratulations comrade! Your Bonds are broken!

! Witness Akroma slaying the fascist dragon () Oros the Avenger! "3 damage to each nonwhite creature" indeed!

With Akroma possessing protection from white (supremacy), the success of the revolution is inevitable!



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