You want to be the Archenemy of the table and savor every little bit of cruelty you can possibly inflict on others during a nice round of Commander? Look no further, because Nicol B to the G has got you covered! There is only so much fun to be had during one round of Magic and we want all of it ;)

In my Deck I tried not only to use the ingame referrenced cards of Bolas, but also keep true to his style of controlling, stealing, manipulating, obliterating and taking ultimate delight in observing  patiently as his and therefore your foolish opposers come to realize: We have outsmarted them eons ago.

So come and have a look as almost every card has either dem hornaesthetics, a direct/indirect reference or major bolasflavor. If you feel there might be something missing, please let me know some suggestions or additions for cards I might have overlooked!

With the Bolas top end the Deck is already assured to have a strong late game so we need to make sure not to suffer from to high a cmc and thus getting overrun.

p.s.: Nicol Bolas, the Arisen is basically Squee, the Immortal alias Squee, the Arisen...I mean look at him!!


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