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Ramp with 1-2 mana rocks early game. Drop Queen Marchesa hopefully with a removal spell or two. Make sure you always reclaim the monarchy within a turn or so. Maybe make a deal to switch the monarchy back and forwarth with someone if you can, to can build up some assassins. Answer stuff for a while. Eventually win. Currently in a mid power level meta.


  • Thaumatic Compass  , Path of Mettle  , Dowsing Dagger  , Treasure Map  
  • Thaumatic Compass   is self explanatory.
  • Path of Mettle   takes a little bit of work but it’s worth it.First cast Marchesa.Then let the crown get taken(don’t block, offer to exchange it with an opponent, whatever).Make sure to keep Marchesa alive though. On your turn Marchesa spits out a token. Slam Path of Mettle  , attack with your token and Marchesa(probably at whoever had the crown) and flip it because Marchesa and the token both have haste.The land gives you ramp and a bit of bargaining power(the tower noticeably doesn’t care whom the creatures attacked)All is well.
  • Dowsing Dagger   is pretty simple. Gives you a little favor from whoever you give the plants and you’ll just end up procing it naturally at some point generally. Gives you a nice big ramp boost.
  • Treasure Map   smooths out your early draws, then flips giving a bit of extra ramp. Also lets you draw some extra cards if you need to.



  • Red Elemental Blast , Pyroblast
  • Blue is the generally agreed upon strongest color on commander. As such you can generally expect atleast a few people at your table to have a commander with blue in it. If that’s the case maindecking a bit of hate makes sense.These cards provide a unique and powerful effect. They should be red staples in general
  • In addition non blue control decks can be weak to blue control decks due to the blue deck having counters and the nonblue deck...just not having them. Counters mean the blue deck can set up their combos with much more protection and stop those of the nonblue deck. Maindecking these helps evens the playing field slightly
  • You also gain a large suprise factor. If a blue player sees no other blue players they might feel completely safe to slam a big blue spell(like Expropriate )This gives a window to assault them when they are tapped out.
  • Mana Tithe , Lapse of Certainty
  • These counters mostly rely on the suprise factor. Mana Tithe has become relatively well known, but people still tend to not play around it.
  • Lapse of Certainty can help by either putting the nail in the coffin of a player or by giving the rest of the table another turn to bring down the archenemy. Either way, even in commander Memory Lapse works pretty well. If you add a way to shuffle their deck(like Madblind Mountain which is not included in this deck due to the lack of red permenants, though it still might be worth it as you can get to two via an assassin token and Marchesa)than it just becomes a hard counter which is nice.
## Graveyard Hate
## Defense
## Win Conditions
## Other Stuff
  • Faithless Looting , Treasure Map  , Land Tax , Nahiri, the Harbinger , Thaumatic Compass  
  • Pretty simple. Filtering is good. Fetching lands so you hit your drops is good
  • Land Tax gets a little special mention. This deck has 10 basics. Like normal, it’s generally better to search up 3 basics the first couple times to thin your deck since Land Tax means you’ll be hitting your drops. However, with so few basics, searching up 3 then pitching 2/3 of them should only probably be done once or twice, just in case you need to search them up later. Also, if searching up lands to pitch, Plains should generally be pitched over Swamp as you only have 2 of the latter and can run out. Not being able to search up a black source later could be irritating.
# What I’m Looking For I’m generally interested in finding cards that are both somewhat useful and increase player interaction/have very unique effects. It should be noted that I’m not interested in cards that have color shifted effects that can be done by the other colors in the deck.(like Imp's Mischief ) Advice on whether the mana base is balanced enough would also be nice, as would mentions of other utility lands you think could be more useful. It should be mentioned that I’m not willing to build a fetch+shock/duel base.


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