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The Queen has four levels of protection. At the first level you have to pay for the opportunity to even attack:

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If they pay the war tax then the second level of protection are her assassins:

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If opponents make it through lines one and two they’ll have to deal with the consequences of making it through the first two lines.

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If there are still any left that manage to get through those lines of defenses then these spells should help deter them the next time they want to attack:

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Even the lands that the battlefield occupies will try to prevent anything from happening to the Queen or her forces.

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For political maneuvering and buying favors the Queen has a veritable smorgasbord of ways to do that.

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enter image description here

  • We’ll get the obvious one out of way first. Master of Cruelties made unblockable by Rogue's Passage or Subira, Tulzidi Caravanner
  • Geode Rager: when combined with Mirage Mirror you can force your opponents to kill each other until you only have one weakened opponent left.
  • Kardur, Doomscourge + Eldrazi Displacer: blink Kardur every turn till you have only one weakened opponent left.
  • Brash Taunter or Stuffy Doll and Pariah's Shield: If used with stuffy doll you’ld need to blink the doll after after taking out the chosen player.
  • Blazing Sunsteel + Brash Taunter: infinite damage after you use the Taunter to block or have it fight another creature . To start it have Sunsteel equipped to taunter. Once taunter takes damage of any kind it triggers Sunsteel to do damage to any target. Target taunter who in turn deals damage to any opponent. And because equipped creature took damage it triggers Sunsteel again, target taunter again with its damage who once again triggers doing equal damage to an opponent. Rinse and repeat till all opponents are dead.
  • Inkshield: Since opponents usually try to one shot me out of the game this card has actually won me games with how many 2/1 flyers I wind up creating.
  • Ruinous Ultimatum: should be obvious as to how it’s a win con

These unanswered enchantments:


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Exchanged Wound Reflection for Aurification. When I saw this card I figured it would be a bigger consequence for opponents attacking me than Wound Reflection since opponents wouldn’t even be able to attack other opponents anymore if they attack me. That and it’s less of a target for removal than Aurification.


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