"All men be cursed"

This is a group slug deck with the Evil Prince of Urborg, Kaervek the Merciless, at the helm.

The deck is a race to the bottom, dealing damage to every player and using Kaervek the Merciless to control the board and "ping" problem players. I've opted out of using small pingers (such as Ankh of Mishra and Spellshock) for a couple reasons: they slot into my curve where my mana rocks/spells are and draw unnecessary hate early game. I've instead opted for slightly more expensive slug cards such as Tainted AEther, Burning Sands, and Manabarbs to really give them something to think about.

A typical game will start with 3-4 lands, a mana accelerator or two, and some way to gain card advantage. You'll be wanting to ramp and set up card advantage early game and start pressuring with slug cards and controlling the board mid-game. Kaervek the Merciless does not come out until you've board wiped and/or have equipment to protect him. In order of importance, you'll want to use his ability to 1: protect yourself from scary creatures; 2: kill important utility creatures; 3: burn the scariest player. The use of politics is crucial here, as you will become the public enemy. At this point in the game, you will either be dead or have slugged the table enough to seal victory.


Updates Add

Since the Partial Paris change Kaervek was having a rough time. He couldn't couldn't come out to play as much, and he had a harder time casting all of his toys. So he decided to change. Through rigorous study and sheer will power (and a torture session here and there) he analyzed his faults and emerged even more terrible and cruel than before. This is what he learned...

They're all pretty self explanatory changes, though Ghost Quarter is only going to be in the deck until I can get a Strip Mine . Magus of the Wheel is tentative, as he's not as useful if I don't have Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves out.

Currently Kaervek is still looking for efficient ways to play his spells faster and draw more cards. Blasted Landscape is only card I'm considering removing right now but any suggestions will, as always, be considered and tested.

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