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Hey y’all, this is my take on a blue, err... green, draw deck. The idea is leveraging huge creatures into huge draws. It wins primarily via fling-esque effects like Ram Through or Surestrike Trident or milling someone in a single pop with Altar of Dementia and a big ol’ creature.

Mossbridge Troll is a serious all star in the deck; With only 10 other power on the board and God-Eternal Rhonas ’s etb trigger (he can even be tapped for moss bridge troll in response to his etb effect) he can be a 50/50. Combined with a draw effect such as Momentous Fall or Greater Good , a Psychosis Crawler or, if you’re incredibly boring, combat win, is incredibly easy to pull off. Even do it instant speed via Emergence Zone or Winding Canyons !

This is the first installment of my cycle of God-Eternal decks. I look forward to any ideas, input, or advice you may have.


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