People believe fairies to be sweet and innocent, but dear viewer beware for they most certainly are not. The aes sidhe are mischievious, malignant beings with a deep dislike and intolerance for humans ... and planeswalkers. Oona, Queen of the Fae, her Lieutenant Stormsurge and her army of Otherworld beings are determined to put their enemy in their rightful place - oblivion. Taking life totals, infecting them or milling them to their end ... it doesn't matter. Her Majesty really is not that fussed, just as long as the foe suffers.

You see, the Irish and Scots of old (and some even still today) felt apprehension to the aes sidhe and what they could be capable of. Most people Deny Existence of the aes sidhe - well, they are about to do the same to the foe's creatures. You see, the aes sidhe ensure that once a human crosses into the Otherworld, their perception of time and thus their own Memory ... is Plundered. A kind of Psychic Surgery was performed on the unfortunate soul. The mists were thought to Spirit Away loved ones, hence there was a great deal of apprehension of going outside. Whenever a curious soul would attempt to catch a glimpse of them, they would wipe their memories. Fairies are known for their covetous urges, so the new Eldraine set has provided me with that addition. Birthing Boughs is included due to the fact Changelings and trees are firmly rooted in Celtic fairy myths. Drown in the Lake is a clear mythological reference to fairies such as the Beann Fhionn (the White Lady), who drowns people in the lake. The kelpie is also known for having a penchant for drowning its victims.

Lochmere Serpent is a clear reference to Nessie the Loch Ness Monster. Some kinds of sidhe were thought to be a Dream Thief, in some cases being blamed for Sleep Paralysis. These Thieving Sprite(s) would be seen as nothing more than Dreamspoiler Witches, which caused a great amount of Fear in the Old Irish, Scottish and in their descendants to this day. Today, people no longer fear Faerie Trickery. Faerie Tauntings are now branded nothing more than superstition ... oh woe betide those who do not heed the words of old.

These are most of the cards that are on theme with the ancient Celtic lore of the Otherworld and their residents, the aes sidhe. Naturally this deck also includes the Banshee of the Dread Choir to keep in with the Otherworld theme. Revenge of Ravens is a reference to the aes sidhe's ability to manipulate animals. Oona's Gatewarden and Oona's Blackguard are obvious inclusions. Read the Bones is a simple card draw. Counterspells such as Didn't Say Please and Unwind are a must-have as Oona is unlikely to be left alone. Recursion is included. Clone Legion is one of my favourites - essentially, play with someone else's deck.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this deck. Upvote if you do and I would love to hear your comments!

Raven Rose


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