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this deck has evolved from a 120 card casual deck, to a 60 card deck over the course of 6 months. it focuses on life gain, and turning that life gain against your opponent.

fast life gain off combos with rhox faith mender and tree of redemption (or any life gain card for that matter), with a good hand you can be gaining 50 life a turn by turn 5, and 1000 by turn 10

there are just so many different strategies you can use to win!Flood the battlefield with squirrels? YUP!Flood the battlefield with quirrrels who have been mutated into 6/6's? YUP!An angel leading an army of 16/16 squirrels.Pumping your life to 6000 with 4 rhos faith menders on the field, switch your life with tree of life, then sac it for 6000 2/2 wolves that, WHEN THEY enter the battlefield, give you 16 health each thanks to healer of the pride and rhos faith mender. OH and if you have an archangel of thune out then those wolves would be 6000/6000 wolves because you get a counter for EACH TIME A CREATURE ENTERS THE FIELD.

Such a fun deck to play with.


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