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The Ol' Steal and Sack

Commander / EDH* BR (Rakdos)


Trying to win with commander damage, not really that hard when you can just spend your life to end someone else's. I've also added a few cards which steal our opponent's creatures so that we can sack them to Greven for added value of extra damage, card draw, and removal. Suggestions are extremely welcome but do know that any decks I build house the conditions of trying to keep the vast majority of cards under $5 and trying to keep everything fair, I don't like to just throw a Triumph of the Hordes in every green deck or a Tainted Strike in this deck because I don't find infinite combos or infect an interesting to fun way to win. I just want to keep it fair both for myself and for my opponents.

I have considered making this deck with more Act of Treason like effects but I think having too many would be redundant because there aren't always creatures worth stealing. Could potentially use more tho.


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