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The Odd One (Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign)

Commander / EDH* Control Eldrazi Multiplayer Voltron WUB (Esper)


Because getting insane Yennett Value is incredibly fun!

The whole deck need not be odd. 2 mana artifact rocks make ramping easier. Consecrated Sphinx generates dumb value no matter what. Classic blue instant spells like Mana Drain and Cyclonic Rift make the deck stronger in general. Pact of Negation has saved me so many times! Baleful Strix feels really good on turn 2, I challenge you to convince me to take it out. Blind Obedience will save you from aggro sometimes.

Exquisite Blood feels really good when you are able to play Magister Sphinx on the lifegain player. This lifegain can keep you alive in a longer game. Extorting from Blind Obedience is also easy when you play your spells for free.

Plenty of Extra Turn Cards to generate value. The main wincon right now is to take over the board state and do enough damage with creatures by taking extra turns to win the game. This is assisted by cards like Magister Sphinx and Hatred.

One infinite combo in the deck with Isochron Scepter, Mystical Tutor and Nexus of Fate (with Yennett on the board). First you play isochron scepter, exiling mystical tutor. Cast Mystical tutor to put nexus of fate on top, then swing with yennet to cast nexus of fate for free. Rinse, repeat. Isochron Scepter is also useful with vampiric tutor, mana drain, Swords to Plowshares, and Brainstorm (oddly enough hehe). Playing Expropriate will usually win you the game if it resolves.

Recently made the deck more Spikey with Mana Drain, Hatred, Capture of Jingzhou, and Demonic Tutor.

I'm really proud of the mana base right now, it works really well even without shocks and fetches. I have the ability to change the land base to include these, but I enjoy seeing this land base work. It hasn't failed me once yet.

3 Big Eldrazi in the deck Artisan of Kozilek for a small amount of graveyard recursion with the other big dumb creatures. Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre is the biggest dumbest creature in the deck and has odd CMC. Void Winnower for control and thematic reasons.

I'm not super high on Djinn of Wishes in the deck, but the redundancy for Yennett has saved me once or twice and haven't been able to convince myself to take it out.

I really want to hear what other people are doing with Yennet! Leave any advice below, and I'd love to see your list if you want to post it in the comments!


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