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The goal is to play all 5 epic spells at the same time!!

  Here is the most reliable way to do so.

Step 1 - Ramp is always step 1. Get enough mana to cast commander.

Step 2 - Tutor for Proteus Staff.

Step 3 - Sac commander (to the command zone) to find Hellcarver Demon

Step 4 - Run Hellcarver Demon (the only creature in the 99) through the deck and put it back in any order you want (Epics near the top)

Step 5 - Either - Deal combat damage to a player with the Demon to cast them all.

Or - Cast Epic Experiment for at least X=10 (with deck fixing)

TA-DA You've done it. It can't get any more epic

More details for all you non-believers:

Proteus Staff makes a really good tutor for anything you need. almost any problem can be solved when you have the whole deck at your disposal.

ManLands make excellent alternate targets for the staff so that the demon doesn't become summoning sick.

There are many redundant ways to save/recure the important things.

It is best to cast Reverberate along with the 5 epics and copy Enduring Ideal for a really mean combo (Decree of Silence + Solemnity )

We can't add any creatures due to the Proteus Staff combo.

Any questions will be answered by either myself or toothlessthedragon (probably him first).

Suggestions are welcome.


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With the help of many comments and suggestions, toothless and I have won an amazing 93% of our games played with this deck (13-1). Of course this doesn't mean the deck is prefect; most of these games included at least one player who had never seen the deck before. However, this far exceeded any expectations and continues to be a fun project. Hopefully this can be an inspiration for anyone looking to make a janky deck!

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