Survive. Thrive. Destroy.

An oathbreaker deck that formed as the result of me realizing you can't actually tuck Approach of the Second Sun into your library as a signature spell.

The original list used Calix, Destiny's Hand and Approach of the Second Sun as the Oathbreaker and Signature Spell. The goal was to ramp up with mana dorks to cast Approach from the command zone as fast as possible, put it 7 from the top, then use Calix's +1 to clear the first four cards.
However, after learning that your signature spell ALWAYS goes back to the command zone no matter what, the deck was redesigned.

The deck now uses the ramp in order to cast Storm Herd as soon as possible, while gaining as much life as possible leading up to it with Ajani, the Greathearted and other cards.
In my limited testing, the deck is usually capable of casting Storm Herd on turn 6 with roughly 30 life on average. This is obviously in a perfect scenario, in a vacuum.
(I tried to make this deck as cheap as possible. Any of the cards that are over $1 are most likely ones that I already had lying around.)


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