This Decklist was originally conceived to abuse the new enchantment Journey to Eternity   > Atzal, Cave of Eternity from Rivals of Ixalan.

After a brief hiatus from MTG, I have returned- with the return.. (oh boy) to the plane of Ravnica. The deck got a load of really cool new pieces, which better enable some old cards and give it a more "combo" feel. In testing so far against my invisible friend Timmy, this puppy feels like it really has some gas.

New Pieces: Lich's Mastery Can't lose the game? Sure! Stitcher's Supplier , Assassin's Trophy !!! Doom Whisperer = GAS, Glowspore Shaman = Diesel, Golgari Findbroker = Petrol, Necrotic Wound = Lamp Oil, Plaguecrafter = Tinder, Underrealm Lich = Elon Musk

These new cards allow the deck to churn its library into the graveyard- essentially giving us two libraries, and some great card selection.

The basic game plan is;

Early(ish) Game:

Cast Stitcher's Supplier or Glowspore Shaman , mill 3. Enchant either with Journey to Eternity  . Follow up with Plaguecrafter , using sacrifice or combat to kill your enchanted creature and flip Journey- getting Atzal, Cave of Eternity .

Mid Game:

Cast or reanimate Doom Whisperer , Underrealm Lich to get the engine online. Pay life to Surveil or draw until Lich's Mastery is in hand, on top of library. If it ends up in the graveyard it can be returned to hand with Golgari Findbroker (as can your other creatures and enchantments).

Late Game:

Play Lich's Mastery , there should be plenty of lands and unwanted cards in your graveyard/ hand to keep you alive while you reanimate Plaguecrafter and Ravenous Chupacabra to clear the field. Doom Whisperer and Underrealm Lich alpha away. After you have milled a certain # of creatures Necrotic Wound becomes very effective. Assassin's Trophy and Vraska's Contempt should deal with any tricky non-creature permanents.

Arguel's Blood Fast   can be utilized at low life to keep the engine online. Eventually it should be possible to swing with a Doom Whisperer , post combat pay and sac it to Temple of Aclazotz , gain 6 life and draw 6 cards Lich's Mastery , then pay to reanimate with Atzal, Cave of Eternity . Exile cards from graveyard and hand at will, by this point you will have a (virtually) higher life total than your opponent. Starting total of 20 + total # of cards in hand + graveyard.

Final Note: As long as they remain in play, Underrealm Lich and Lich's Mastery will prevent you from losing the game via decking yourself. (Source: MTG Gatherer)


Updates Add

Whew, I checked and had to do a double take- the list reached #1 last week! When I was looking at all the spicy new cards this season I knew that there were some exciting possibilities. Thank you all so much for your comments, feedback and upvotes! Nothing makes me happier than hearing your experiences and ideas to improve the deck so please share!

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