Looking for some feedback! I’ve had this built for a while and I enjoy the fact I have Kamahl as a deck as well (Seton and Kamahl are bros in the lore). I originally had Seton as my Tiny Leader, and it worked really well but I decided to amp it up and see how well this could play as a full-grown EDH deck. I am sorely missing Craterhoof Behemoth here and probably a handful of other things, so that is why I am looking forward to hearing feedback. This deck is FAST for those who have never played with or against it. The more draw the better to keep the hand loaded.

Some NOICE combos:

Lifecrafter's Bestiary + Playing a druid = synergy. Play creature, tap creature and then pays for Lifecrafter's Bestiary, you draw a card.

Mobilize/Vitalize = The one drop "untappers" to get yourself out of a bind since most creatures in this deck will be sideways. Llanowar Druid in for extra untap support.

Natural Affinity/Thelonite Druid + End-Raze Forerunners/Kamahl, Fist of Krosa = pump those lands and SWING OUT.

Equipping Nemesis Mask and attacking with a bunch of druids AND while Bow of Nylea is out, can wipe an opponents board. It's a fun combat trick I enjoy pulling off from time to time especially since green struggles with wipes.

The Big Bros & Babes?

And where would the bros and babes be without that PUMP. Cards that help with getting this tribe big: End-Raze Forerunners, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, and Beastmaster Ascension. Also newly added BIG BOIS: Vigor, Gruun, the Lonely King, Bellowing Tanglewurm, and Hydra Omnivore.



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