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The Last of the Aristocrats

Standard Aggro Humans RBW (Mardu) Tokens


Champion of the Parish is the best first drop in standard. So long as you got this guy in your beginning hand with a couple other humans, the game is yours.

He gets especially huge when Gather the Townsfolk brings you some guns. If that's not big enough, Thatcher Revolt would seal the deal and having Falkenrath Aristocrat out to sacrifice after the attack.

I thought about having just 2 of Thatcher Revolt , but realized that Blood Artist makes the difference. You basically hit the opponent for 6 and gain 3 life. That's a 9 life advantage and if thats not enough, use Brimstone Volley for the extra 5 damage.

Falkenrath Aristocrat is a top-tier card from Dark Ascension and with Silverblade Paladin ? Shake my hand.


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So, there's quite a few things I love in this deck that just flow and click together. You can completely turn the game around with two cards and hit like a champ in the same turn. Blood Artist and Xathrid Necromancer work well as a team, but when cards like, Thatcher Revolt and Cartel Aristocrat or the Falkenrath Aristocrat come in the picture, it's just game and time to extend the hands.

Xathrid Necromancer + Thatcher Revolt + Blood Artist = Nom nom nom
Boros Reckoner + Blasphemous Act = Take thirrrrrrteeeeeen!
Cartel Aristocrat (Sac. a creature for protection from red) + Blasphemous Act = I live!
Thatcher Revolt + Blood Artist = Potential six damage difference
Falkenrath Aristocrat + Champion of the Parish = Turn four win
Boros Charm (Indestructible) + Boros Reckoner + Blasphemous Act other creatures = You're going to die..


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