Enter the grisly laboratory of a Planeswalker driven by the desire to unlock the mysteries of life, death, and the human soul. Through necromancy and artifice you will create the perfect being stitched together from your experiences across the Multiverse. The only problem is that it awakens with a relentless hunger for flesh. A problem easily fixed however since it doesn't appear to care whether the flesh is fresh or rotten and your knowledge of necromancy leaves you with an endless supply of undead thralls at your disposal. As the feeble masses matriculate into mobs around your laboratory door you find yourself free of worry or resentment. Soon they will witness the magnificence of your creation. Soon they will all understand what it means to be more than human.

UB Grimgrin Voltron with a splash of zombie horde is the best way I could describe this. My personal love child born from my lifelong love of MtG. Newer to Commander but I've been studying up and I enjoy flavor and the deep lore of MtG. I think this deck, while not ultra-competitive, could at least have fun sitting down to a 4+ player game with people of varying skill levels and builds. This is my first time posting a deck on this site. Just want to see what people think.

Essentially the focus is to get Grimgrin out and beat face. Not heavy infect but with the instant speed of tainted strike you can sneak a near instant death if not instant on your first swing and glistening oil returns so it can be constantly recast onto Grimgrin. There are multiply ways to generate tokens for Grimgrin to chomp and then a few other ways to sacrifice them in order to utilize the grave pact and dictate of erebos. By utilizing living weapons I get a creature I can sacrifice to Grimgrin as well as an effective equipment to voltron him. Nothing super fancy, just flavor and and what I enjoy playing.

Not sure what else to talk about but that's the gist.


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