Trying another build for g/b control in EDH. I've played Savra, too durdly. Jarad is too combo focused. Maren is too face roll for me. So I started checking out Nath. Always been one of my favorite legends from my favorite cycle.

So I've looked through all the Stax primers, ect. The various cedh Nath lists out there, all of which are very cool but realistically, I play in more of an optimized or well tuned meta then truly cedh. So I've been kinda struggling to recreate the effect of a decent Nath deck when playing into more of a battle cruiser creatures sideways meta. So stuff like trinisphere isn't nearly as a good a card when a lot of decks don't have cc lower then three.. ect So with that in mind, Ensnaring bridge and No mercy have been added as ways to keep me from getting beaten to death angry critters turning sideways. I'd love The Abyss, Chains, Crandle and Nether Void but not likely to pick those up at any point.

The way Nath seems to play out is you need to slow down the whole board till you can get a bit ahead then discard off everyones resources, then win before they can top deck a answer for your lock. So being able to win quickly after you've gotten out some tokens and board state favorable is really important. I've death clouded away everyones lands, hands, and creatures, leaving me with tokens, artifacts, ect only to eventually lose cause I top decked less steam and wasn't able to kill off everyone before they could recover. Feelsbad for everyone to be sure lol. I think part of playing a stax control, or any control really, responsibly, is being able to win once you've established control and not make everyone sit there at the table for another half hour while you slowly try to clean up. I just find that not that fun to be on either side of. Either youre sitting there stressing waiting to draw into a win before they can break your lock or youre sitting there chaffing against the bonds of lock down :/

Take away being, if you get ahead make sure you can win, otherwise whats the point. Ahead also has to mean AHEAD too in a deck like this because if you just end up top deck against other decks they will likely have better card value then you assuming they arent locked out. For example, stuff like Oppression, Necrogen mists, Bottomless pit are all cards that are back breaking sometimes but if your opponents are just top decking anyways they are gonna rip whatever they can to try to get back into the game and not have to discard anything. My point being that the control effects and advantage gained from most of your stax cards is always situational and if you can keep the game state in the situation that makes it strong youre going to be in trouble. Same goes for Death cloud, Possessed Portal and anything else that is circular in nature you need to be playing it when you are able to "break" the circle or at least ignore most of it.

For now though, I think it's fair to say Tanglewire, Torpor Orb, Winter Orb, Static Orb and Ensnaring bridge are some of the biggest cards you need to play around or should be searching up to start locking people down. Torpor orb in particular just completely turns off so many decks. If there more similar effects I could run I would.

Running Dark deal in root mazes spot? I think. I kinda like it a little situational but powerful


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