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The Horror of my Werewolves Will Bring Death

Standard* Competitive RG (Gruul) Werewolf




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The idea of this deck is simple, overwhelm your opponent before they have a chance to respond.

Originally deck that I based mine off of: MTG - Start Playing Standard For $40.00 with Budget Werewolves for Magic: The Gathering -Tolarian Community College. (GO check them out, their great!)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsZK69Ba5nA

The idea of this deck is simple, overwhelm your opponent before they have a chance to respond. The advantage of the new werewolves is that the number of spells do not mater, but they have high transform cost. We get around that by using Waxing Moon and Geier Reach Bandit to flip our werewolves. Ulvenwald Captive   also provides mana to help ramp the deck.

Kessig Prowler + Waxing Moon is a great turn two combo. A 4/4 on turn 2 with trample (from Waxing Moon) is more than most opponents can handle.

Have Shrill Howler   attack and when he is blocked, cast Waxing Moon and if some some damage gets through, you get a free token!

With most of the creatures being double faced, Neglected Heirloom   is in to provide some additional damage, and possible some surprise damage if you cast Waxing Moon during combat.

Waxing Moon is one of the key cards in this deck, allowing us to skip paying mana cost or waiting a turn to flip of human werewolves. Important thing to remember is that it gives tramble to ALL of your creatures, not just the one it targets.

Shreds of Sanity allows us to reclaim Waxing Moon and our other sorcery spells, which are mostly damage for getting rid of annoying blockers.

Hanweir Battlements allows creatures to gain haste, and with it's partner, we have another creature producing tokens to overwhelm our opponent.

More details to come. Thoughts, Comments, Opinions, Hopes, Dreams, and deck name suggestions, are always welcomed. Until next time. How long will it take before your sanity crumbles?


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