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Let me guess planeswalker, you like squirrels. You look up all of the squirrel decks on tapped out, you even own a squirrel deck sleeved in squirrel confidant sleeves, and you only play the deck on your SCG exclusive four-squirrels play mat. You regularly mob your friends with your squirrel army and chitter insidiously as they meet their demise at the hands of natures most cuddly and vicious fuzzball. And yet, this devotion to squirrels has left you feeling empty of late. The monotony of summoning a massive squirrel army game after game has begun to wear on you. You seek something more, so you summon more squirrels, but it only deepens that craving for more.
What you truly seek planeswalker, whether you know it or not, is the ability to beat your opponent with a single squirrel. Yet such devotion comes at a price. To destroy your opponent in such a manner, you must not only play the squirrel, but you must see your opponent's despair from the squirrel's eyes, hear your opponent concede from the squirrel's ears, and laugh your manic, squirrelly victory laugh after every win. In short, you must become the squirrel. BEHOLD:

Form of the Squirrel + Mother of Runes + Pendelhaven or Swarmyard + laugh uncontrollably.
Darksteel Plate + Form of the Squirrel + Lightning Greaves + laugh uncontrollably.
Counterbalance + Form of the Squirrel + Sensei's Divining Top + laugh uncontrollably.

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is here so you don't mill yourself to death, and to make sure nobody screws with his pet squirrel: Mr. Chitters. It's his only real friend.

Sometimes Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is late getting home, which is why Karn Liberated is here to watch Mr. Chitters in just such an event.

The main strategy is to just sit around for a little bit confusing the hell out of your opponent as to what in the world you are playing (they tend to think either maverick, miracles, or some messed up version of stone blade) then you turn into a squirrel who has already made himself a lovely pillow fort and chitter hysterically as your opponent realizes they just got beaten by a planeswalker whose primary win condition is to turn himself into an indestructible squirrel with shroud, allowing you to outlast your opponent, making him deck himself slowly and painfully. However, aside from the mill strategy, there is the after board strategy of playing Aether Vial one turn before Form of the Squirrel and then using Aether Vial 15 turns later to play Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and letting him wreck your opponent for their ever trying to hurt Mr. Chitters. Ain't nobody fucks with Mr. Chitters and lives to tell the tale.

Might I recommend the squirrel confidant card sleeves and playmat?
Who am I kidding, I know you already own them.


Updates Add

I finally found rules text regarding Form of the Squirrel ... and it turns out that when Form of the Squirrel states "you can't play spells," this is to be interpreted as essentially stating "Spells which the controller of this enchantment attempts to play cannot successfully resolve from the stack. If a spell that the controller of this enchantment cast would resolve in this way, put it into its owner's graveyard instead."

What this means for me is that Flashback spells cannot be played in combination with Form of the Squirrel . They simply fizzle, no matter where they are cast from.

This said, creatures played with Aether Vial will still be able to enter the battlefield, as the creatures themselves never enter the stack, and Form of the Squirrel does not prevent activated abilities of anything from resolving from the stack.

I also found a very interesting combo, though I don't think I would ever utilize it. Turns out that such cards as Torpor Orb which nullify ETB effects can actually be combo'd with Form of the Squirrel to nullify the entire first line of Form of the Squirrel 's text. The playing of Mister Chitters is the first half the the ETB trigger caused by Form of the Squirrel . The second ETB trigger is the "You lose the game when Mr. Chitters leaves play" effect, which is a delayed ETB trigger which is put on the stack when Mr. Chitters enters play. This being said, the second ETB trigger is caused by Mr. Chitters, which means that playing such a card as Torpor Orb and then playing Form of the Squirrel allows you to play Form of the Squirrel without ever obtaining the "lose the game" drawback. This feels a bit too cheesy for me, so I don't run that combo. It's a funny one though.

To further these newfound rules text issues, because me losing the game is part of a delayed ETB trigger, destroying Form of the Squirrel will not actually EVER stop me from losing the game once Mr. Chitters dies. Even if Form of the Squirrel were played, immediately destroyed, and then five turns later my opponent kills Mr. Chitters, I would still lose. The only way to work around this is to destroy Form of the Squirrel and then Stifle the delayed ETB trigger on Form of the Squirrel . Not a good combo to be running, eh?

What this means for the deck is that I need more ways to cheat cards onto the battlefield without putting them on the stack. Cards like Emeria, The Sky Ruin and Stoneforge Mystic will have to replace Ray of Revelation and Increasing Confusion .

The deck will need reworking, but we can do this TappedOut!!! For Mr. Chitters!!!
Manic acorn hoarding ensues

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