This deck operates primarily by generating overwhelming value, until the eventual planeswalker emblems lock the game up for any number of opponents. The closest thing to a direct win condition, not involving a planeswalkers ultimate ability is putting 10+ mana into Genesis Wave . The 20 PW's are selected for their versatility somewhat, but mainly for the most terrifying emblems. Even Narset Transcendent whom I at first overlooked, creates one of the most devastating emblems in EDH imo. So basically you are looking to create a board state that makes it completely impossible for anyone to overcome it. The Emblems that cards like Jace, Unraveler of Secrets and Tamiyo, Field Researcher create will often lead to the entire table scooping, not to mention the power of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon 's ultimate ability which is devastating. Another favorite is the minus on Sorin Markov which is just tragic for an u suspecting opponents t. Atraxa herself is obviously extremely useful, if not one of the most ideal generals ever printed! She is amzing not only as an effective and efficient beater/defender with her but her proliferate ability synergizes well with so many cards across Magic and the colors are so good that the possibilities are virtually endless! Over all this deck is incredibly fun to pilot and i recomme it to anyone who enjoys planewalkers! Feedback is welcome.


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