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Tiny in Size, but he'll be your Demise

Commander / EDH* Discard Mono-Black



Ever since I unpacked a tinybones, I realized I have so many cards that could work great in this sort of deck! And so, I began to build a relatively cheap version of the deck, and am currently in the progress of testing it! Cards on the maybeboard can be one of two things: cards I am actually considering putting in, and cards I will put in when I decide this deck is worth a larger budget. Tinybones seems great so far, but I'm not about to spend another 1k on a deck if it doesn't work well! Speaking of some of my other decks, feel free to check out some of my best such as this one right here!. If you like the idea of the deck so far or just love tinybones, feel free to give it an upvote, I'd appreciate it, and once the deck is more developed I will most certainly make it into a Primer! That said, thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful day.

Aspects of the deck:

  • Discard - Instants, Recurring Triggers, (Cards that make people discard upon dying for instant discard) (Less Sorceries)
  • Graveyard - using their graveyard, returning stuff from mine
  • Combos
  • Draw
  • Ramp
  • Lands
  • Disruption
  • Discard Tribal
  • Flash - LOT OF FLASH CARDS to cast sorceries at instant speed
  • Other - Tutors, etc

I Would love some feedback!!!

CUTS Version #1

  • Slate Street Ruffian >Hypnotic Specter
  • Lay Bare the Heart > Dying Wail
  • Myojin of Night's Reach > Geth's Grimoire
  • Mausoleum Secrets > Locust Miser
  • Expedition Map > Mind Stone
  • Fill With Fright > Stronghold Rats


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