This deck was inspired by The Tim Hawkins Video, "The Government Can." It's built to tax your opponents for stuff they own and want to cast, while providing you with the tools to win.

The Players:

Sun Titan- he's in here to beat down your opponents and bring back a lot of your enchantments. Sacrifice your Aura of Silence to destroy your opponent's artifact/enchantment and bring it right back with the giant! Your opponent just got rid of your Greater Auramancy? No problem for this guy!

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV- Not sure I need to explain this guy at all.....

Luminarch Ascension- This enchantment goes great with a pillow fort, allowing you to get the quest counters quickly to start busting out angels. Serra's Sanctum and all the number of enchants for this deck allow you to pump out an amazing number of angels if needed. I've added this card to test it's potential but I think it's going to be a great addition to this government deck.

Greater Auramancy- This card takes away the opponents choice of enchantment removal. They have to destroy it before they can destroy the more annoying enchantments in this deck. When you get 2 of them out, they completely eliminate the opponents chance of removing your laws (outside of global enchantment wipe that is).

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Venser, the Sojourner- I tried to take this out of the deck, but I love him too much. he lets you exile Sun Titan to bring back more permanents from the grave after combat. He allows you to use Grasp of Fate earlier, so that you can exile it and bring it back taking better stuff from your opponents down the road and his ultimate ability is just so nasty.

Propaganda+Ghostly Prison+Sphere of Safety- Tax your opponents every time they want to attack you. You literally make them pay for each creature!

Rhystic Study- This allows you to tax your opponents with card advantage. Either they pay extra for each spell cast, or you get to draw cards. With Reliquary Tower you can draw to your hearts content.

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Pendrell Mists-Tax your opponents for the creatures they own during their upkeep. Between this and Propaganda+Ghostly Prison, your opponents are going to be spending a lot more to attack you! With Serra's Sanctum added into this deck, you should have no problem keeping up with the rising upkeep cost of your creatures. You can also use your Pendrell Mists to sac your Aura Thief, allowing you to steal all enchantments.

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Enchanted Evening- This is a card I've just added to combo with a few of the other cards in this deck. It can be used to boost the power of Sphere of Safety counting every permanent you control. It can be used with Aura of Silence to sacrifice and destroy any opponent's permanents. It can boost Serra's Sanctum and also steal all of your opponents permanents with Aura Thief.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth- I've also added this guy as another win con.

And Finally Land Tax- You can't have a government deck without at least one of these in your deck, I mean the name says it all.

Let me know what you think, I would love some feedback on this. Upvote if you like the concept!


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Thanks for all the support. You've all helped make this deck pretty awesome! Thanks for all the amazing feedback!

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