Black is the colour

Ok, So back story time. I have always enjoyed black decks, black cards and dark deck building. So when the grand daddy of black, Yawgmoth, Made his appearance in Modern Horizons... well I was tickled pink... er black, with one of the players in my meta pointing me towards building a deck for him to helm as my flagship @$$ kicker - Mission accomplished.

With all that said, here goes:

This deck is based on -1/-1 counters,spreading them out and looping your creature's death with them, either to keep the board state clear or going infinite with creation/death while utilizing your life as your primary resource.

Please know this deck is the target when out, as leaving me to my own intentions is bad for your chances of winning.

Review it and take in the darkness and embrace a phyrexian Perfection. - Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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