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A new darkness arrives in the Modern format.

With this new build, I am clearing the comments for new input.

Four years ago, Legacy was introduced to The Gate, a deck that epitomized the very spirit of Black with an all-star lineup of creatures and a potent array of support spells.

I humbly present to you, my TappedOut comrades, The Gate, in Modern.


Abyssal Persecutor - The cornerstone beater of The Gate, providing an atom bomb of a turn 4 and placing your opponent on a serious clock. Easily able to be removed with the deck.

Dark Confidant - The best creature ever returns in the Modern Gate. Card advantage paired with fantastic beating potential, as well as numerous ways to dispose of him makes playing Bob almost sublime.

Gatekeeper of Malakir - Forced removal for just 1 mana more than his CMC makes for a phenomenal 2/2. Also a perfect way to remove Percy or Bob.

Vampire Nighthawk - Lifegain helps steady out the life loss in the deck while Flying and Deathtouch ensure a solid defense.


Bitterblossom - It's back! A 1/1 flyer for 1 life every turn is hilariously powerful. Whether used as chump blockers or sword fodder, you'll never be creatureless with this beauty on the field.

Whip of Erebos - Tech lifegain for longer matches. Plus, whipping in a dead creature for extra damage/life is always a positive.


Geth's Verdict - Lightning fast removal for either side of the board, works best in the early game.


Damnation - Whether used to level the field, swing the game or win the game by kicking Percy, this is a must-have in mainboard.

Inquisition of Kozilek - The perfect opener for Black in Modern. Always as a playset, and not too shabby midgame.

Thoughtseize - Can wreck an opponent's strategy while allowing you to prepare for what they hold in their hand, auto-include in any black deck.

Sword of Light and Shadow - Wins the mirror and gives life + cards. This would be Umezawa's Jitte but we'll have do with our next best option.

Sword of War and Peace - Ridiculously powerful against draw decks, but primarily used for gaining life and punishing your opponent for daring to have a hand.


Liliana of the Veil - Discard is great for getting unwanted cards out of your hand and wrecking your opponent's hand. Her sacrifice comes in handy as another outlet for getting rid of Percy/Bob and her ultimate can swing/win games.


20x Swamp2x Bojuka Bog - Graveyard hate is lulzy.


Dismember - Fast removal against creature heavy decks.

Extirpate - Can remove engines and shut down decks such as Storm and Living End

Fulminator Mage - Great against Tron and other land-based decks. Also good against decks that ramp mid-game.

Leyline of the Void - Any deck that plays out of their graveyard will despise this card hitting the field.

Oblivion Stone - One of the few responses we have against Artifact based decks.

Slaughter Pact - Instant removal when you're tapped out. Can swing games and even win them.


Desecration Demon has been suggested multiple times. The reason I chose Abyssal Persecutor instead is because the deck is designed to beat the opponent into submission, not wait for them to dig for removal while tapping my best beater. Even moreso why this is a bad creature to put in over Percy with the unbanning of Bitterblossom which can lock down the deck's best beater for the entire match, making Faeries a guaranteed loss. Trample is preferred over the option for my opponent to sacrifice a creature.



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