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The Father of Lies (Valki/Tibalt Theft+Stax)

Commander / EDH BR (Rakdos) Control Exile Infinite Combo Stax


Tibalt suddenly got good with Kaldheim, AND we can use him as a commander, stapled to the back of a legend like he is. I'm game for that. We have no real plans to cast Valki, but hey, if you want to, do it.

Our goal is to steal things from our opponents from (but not limited to) cards like Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter and Stolen Strategy, effecting limiting their options and snatching win-cons while trying to go for any of our own. Opposition Agent can establish a complete lockdown of our opponents with Maralen of the Mornsong out, and even punish them with Ob Nixilis, Unshackled out with or without Agent.

Our Win-Cons include: Mass exiling graves we've made opponents wheel and discard into and casting their spells and creatures. We have an infinite mana combo to cast as much as we can-- Basalt Monoloth + Rings of Brighthearth. Infinite mana can also be fed into a big Torment of Hailfire to wipe out our opponents' board, hands, and life.

If stealing isn't working out, we can win through the Aetherflux Reservoir + Bolas's Citadel + Sensei's Divining Top combo to life storm off and blast people, or we can go with Kiki-Jiki + Zealous Conscripts to smash face with an infinite swarm of tokens.

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Out- 1 Swamp, Lotus Petal

In- Caslte Locthwain, Expedition Map


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