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The False God EDH variant

Commander / EDH*


Rules: Karona is a independent commander that sits in the middle of the table.

Each player may pray once at sorcery speed once per turn.

A prayer is flipping over the top card of karona’s Deck. This card must be played.

If the card is a curse(or has curse in the title) it must be played on the player who prayed.

Karona owns all of her curses. As a result the player who is cursed can not sacrifice a curse.

Karona becomes a creature if she is not prayed to (1-total number of players) turns in a row. This number is adjusted as players are eliminated.

If Karona is on the field. Each player must pray each turn.

No one can play cards that target Karona's library

Optional rule, each player my cast Karona by paying her converted mana cost. You may pay any color to do this. The player who cast Karona still has to pray the turn she came in.

HELP If you can think of any cards that would be good in this deck please comment. I am looking for cards that you would normally never play. Or ones that would win the game if you did play them. Also this deck is designed to speed up the game so no board wipes.


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